Monday, July 22, 2013

Frederick Leatherman's Ex-Con Wife making threats

Dear Rachel Ahmann-Hazel-Rene-Brannen-Leatherman, aka, Crane Station,

Below you will find what is posted at the end of every item I post.  If there is anything I've written that you believe is false or fabricated on my part, please post in the comment section, where I've erred and I will gladly investigate.  

The blog I posted about your husband, Frederick Leatherman is a Fraud After All, took about two weeks to complete due to extensive research.  The blog was created due to Mr. Leatherman's false claim that he was a Professor and the lie that he is a practicing attorney, which he is not, his license has been inactive for years.  Natalie Jackson, one of the many attorneys for the Martin family, was retweeting Mr. Leatherman's blogs and, in essence, tweeting out misleading and clearly biased information.  People needed to know if they were going to read the Leatherman Law Blog, they would need to verify his information and consider the source.  Once the blog was completed, I moved on to more important things like spreading the truth about the State v. Zimmerman case.  Anything else I've written concerning Mr. Leatherman has been tongue-in-cheek or a head's up for anyone new to the case. 

I have certainly never had ill feelings toward Mr. Leatherman, in fact, I rarely give he or his blog any thought at all until someone who follows me on twitter posts a particularly ironic or ridiculous blog he has written - and then I rarely click on the page because his biased-for-money logic is tedious and repetitive.  So one can imagine my surprise when I received a tweet yesterday asking if I'd seen you threatening me over the weekend:

Reply to  
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Your threatening comments (Don't bother to delete or change I have a dated screenshot):
Sorry folks, off topic:
Dear Vickie Pate, V.Pate or whatever your name really is, you pathetic miserable piece of shit cyber stalker, back in Fred’s spam queue, running your mouth:
You have been blocked and reported on Twitter previously, and you are known in the internet community, just a head’s up, as a doxer who spreads non-stop invalid bullshit about people.
The next time you show up in our spam queue we are going to take your IP, and your likely fake-ass email address to the law.
Stay the hell away from us.
Is there anything about those six words you don’t understand?

  • Yes, it is, and this crazy bitch Vickie Pate needs some professional help or else a knock at her door, if it really is a she.

    We have made it clear in the past, at least I thought I did, by blocking and reporting her on Twitter, that we want absolutely no future contact from her. And yet, here she is. Okay, that’s a stalker who missed the clear message the first time.

    I believe this is the one who previously saw fit to publish our home address, along with some unbelievably asinine claim that we live on a vacant lot.

    This person is crazy and out of control.
First of all, I have no desire or reason to compose an email to your husband, "Fred".  Secondly, your husband has posted his address in numerous blog posts, he also posts his phone number and email address.  If any of the above and below are removed after this posting, I can provide screenshots: 

New Third Party (Again Mr. Leatherman represents himself as a lawyer after Obama was elected President in 2008 - his license was no longer active as of 2004):
"I am so much more than a pissed-off lawyer and law professor, but this is my contact information and you can call me Mason or Fred:"
Frederick Leatherman
750 Fairview Drive
Paducah, KY 42001
(270) 556-XXXX
And in comment section here.

I've removed the last four digits of his phone number even though they are still available online where HE has made this information public.
I own everything I write but I will fight anyone who makes false allegations against me or tries to slander my name for something I have not written.  By the same token, if anything I've written about anyone, not just you and Mr. Leatherman, is not true and/or something that cannot be easily found by the general public, I am more than happy to remove the offending post/blog reference.  

I'll be checking the comment section below in anticipation of your proof.  Be aware, however, regardless of what you provide, I have already forwarded your threat of showing up at my door to local law enforcement.  Given your prior criminal convictions, which resulted in prison time, LE informed me the threat would be taken seriously. You can provide your proof here, and/or you can provide it to the detective in my jurisdiction handling the case when she contacts you.  


Should you find factual errors or material mistakes in this post, please contact me directly - or post in comments. Much time is spent researching information and I assure you, the reader, any factual errors are not intentional.