Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ben Jealous Started any Riots that may ensue

Ben Jealous, as the President of the National NAACP should be convicted of whatever crimes are committed by rioters, including assault and murder, when George Zimmerman is rightfully acquitted of the charge of Murder II and all hell breaks loose.  He is looked to by the black community as a leader, an honest leader looking out only for the community's best interest.  It turns out that belief is blatantly misguided.  Ben Jealous took to the airwaves and willfully lied about the events surrounding Trayvon Martin's death.  If he didn't willfully lie he is still responsible for fact finding before having a Police Chief fired and putting a man's life in danger.  He should have availed himself of the easily obtainable facts.

When this Democracy Now program aired, the police reports and autopsy report were available.  Maybe he didn't know about Trayvon and his propensity for violence or the fact that he had been fighting and drugging in the week prior to assaulting and attempting to murder George Zimmerman, I understand that, the parents were painting Trayvon as a small child, and honor student with a dream of being an aviator.  The aviation thing, by the way, was a one week camp his mother sent him to.  He was not actively pursuing anything but a new gun.

I am outraged by all the lies in just this  one video alone, and I am not black.  I would think the black population who bought this narrative would be incensed by being treated like idiots in order that the NAACP and Al Sharpton could further a political agenda.  One would have to question the political agenda as well.

This case was built on lies with the participation of people who should have kept themselves well above the rhetoric, including President Obama...especially Obama.

Here are the lies from just this ONE video out of hundreds made in the month of March, 2012 alone.

Ben Jealous - Fire Chief Lee: "We are demanding three things. One, that Trayvon Martin’s killer be brought to justice. He needs to be locked up, and he needs to be charged with murder. Two, we are demanding that the investigation go—start at the very bottom. What happened at that scene? Go all the way to the very top of this department, that it look both at this case, but also at several cases and, quite frankly, what appears to be a pattern and practice of discrimination and bad treatment of people of color by this department and their cases. And then, too, that this chief be fired, because the reality is, is that it’s been a month, and this case has been so grossly mishandled that this chief has lost the faith of thousands upon thousands of parents and families and people in this town, who simply feel like they or their children are not safe as long as this department is guided in such a misguided way."

Ben Jealous: " Now you have Trayvon Martin, stalked, assaulted, shot dead in cold blood by a neighborhood watch captain—now, self-appointed or not, had called the police 46 times in 56 days. As somebody, you know, a person in town with sort of knowledge of the relationship between him and the department, put it to be bluntly, "Oh, the cops loved him." And this man, again, with a connection to this department, walking free. (that was a messed up few sentences - not sure if he was quoting someone or just thinking on his feet)

AMY GOODMAN: Ben Jealous, the—what happened after Trayvon was killed, when he’s laying on the ground, and the police come, and George Zimmerman is standing over him, as witnesses describe, the police didn’t drug or alcohol test George Zimmerman. They drug and alcohol tested the corpse of Trayvon. Can you explain actually what happened? Then his body taken to the morgue, where it sat unidentified for—it laid unidentified for two days, when the police had his cell phone, could easily have identified who he was. He was talking to his girlfriend as this was all taking place. (Where is she getting her information?)

BENJAMIN JEALOUS: Yeah, and this is what we’re talking about here, right? This is why this chief has to go, because the reality is that if you’re a chief, and your officers come—are called to a scene where a man has killed a boy, and no arrest is made, no evidence is gathered—no attempt to, you know, check the hands of the shooter for powder burns or anything else, powder residue, to gather the clothing of the killer for DNA evidence or anything else, or to otherwise gather evidence from that scene—and then no one attempts to contact this boy’s parents, to track them down, to pick up the cell phone and call the last number and say, "Who does this belong to?" and then no one arrests the shooter and begins an investigation, and weeks go by, and a sense of safety that was already tenuous in this community—you were called here to rebuild—erodes more and more and more, there’s a certain point when there’s nothing that you as that chief can do to fix it, and you’ve just got to go.

And again, just part of what’s needed here, because ultimately why we’re here is to ensure that Trayvon’s killer is brought to justice. They had probable cause. This overinterpretation, this misinterpretation of what is a very simple law, a law that says, in effect, if somebody stalks you, if somebody assaults you, if somebody pulls out a gun and tries to kill you, you have a right to use equal and opposite force—and they somehow interpret that as giving George Zimmerman the right to kill Trayvon, when really what the law says, that somebody in Trayvon’s situation has the right to kill the man who’s hunting them. It just shows the problem of bias here, because no one can even conceptualize a circumstance in which a young white child would have been treated this way, a young white child’s family would have had their trust so thoroughly mistreated by a department like this. You know, the—we aren’t here to say whether Mr. Zimmerman is a racist or not, but the reality is that race matters in how you’re treated by this department. And this chief needs to be held accountable. The department needs to be held accountable. And the killer of Trayvon needs to be held accountable, as Ms. Wilson said yesterday. (In other words, George pulled a gun on this little boy and the little boy took down GZ in self-defense)

AMY GOODMAN: Ben, you talked about the police chief having to go, but he hasn’t gone. Who has gone is George Zimmerman. Neighbors report seeing him loading his things up into a U-Haul truck and leaving the area. Not only is George Zimmerman gone at this point, but he continues to have his gun. They didn’t take that away from him, which goes to the "Stand Your Ground" law, what others call the "shoot first" law.

You know, one thing, last time I was on the show, we were talking about Derrick Bell, and I was talking about Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity, this week, has actually joined our call for this chief to step down. So I would just like to point out that sometimes the NAACP and Sean Hannity are actually on the same side of a very controversial issue. (I can find no evidence of this, I will change when and if I do)

All highlighted are misrepresentations and/or willful lies.
More Democracy now from March 2012.  They were greatly accommodating to the cause.