Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Phone Records for Trayvon do not match numbers given in court

Trayvon's phone records
The phone number given out for Trayvon Martin in court when Rachel Jenatel took the stand was 786-312-9558 - a reverse search on this number returns to a MetroPCS mobile phone from Miami, FL

The number Miss Jenatel gave as her number is 786-419-3726 -  by her own admission in court, and according to discovery, is a Simple Mobile pre-paid number.  However, during her interview with Bernie de la Rionda, she said her phone was T Mobile.  Why would she say it was a T Mobile phone when it was not?  Why didn't Bernie challenge her on this since he already knew what type phone she had.  She had to lie because otherwise these phone records handed out by Benjamin Crump to the press would have made no sense.  All the calls are T Mobile to T Mobile.

So on June 28th, the phone records submitted as evidence in court are released.  The below contains George Zimmerman's phone records as well as Trayvon Martin's records.  I see none for Rachel.  These are awful copies, but seeable if you really look close.

So, that makes no sense, right?  I've always thought the first set of phone bills were cut and pastes - if you look at the last entry the time is all smashed together.  From the first time I saw them in March 2012, I felt it.  Mr. Crump gives his press conference from in front of copy machines - hmmm, could he be doing some last minute editing?  I could be wrong - even the latest release is very dark and grainy - and they have had a year to put them together.  What is so very sad is that if the records are real that were submitted today, Rachel Jeantel called Trayvon over and over again without getting in touch with him, and then went to bed.  She never told a soul what she thought she heard.  Tracy didn't call Trayvon until after midnight.  Trayvon lay there on that cold ground with no one looking for him or calling for help.  Wow.

But I digress - this is how I think Crump connected the dots for Witness 8.

On Friday, March 16, Crump and the Martin family marched into the Sanford Police Station and demanded they be given the 911 calls.  They were working on their narrative and dammit, they needed the exact timeline of the non-emergency call by George to finalize the scheme.  So Jeff Triplett feels sorry or is pressured, into giving the tapes to Crump on Friday night.  On Sunday night, lo and behold, after three weeks, Tracy has a moment of clarity and figures out Trayvon's password. This is crap, of course, Tracy had the password to his own phone account all along, of which Trayvon was on the family plan.  Anyway, I say they took the non-emergency tape and the phone bill and started matching up times and framing the story.

7:09 - the NEN call originates
7:04 - Dee Dee says Trayvon is under the shade (mailboxes)
7:12 - George tells dispatcher Trayvon is running
7:12 - Dee Dee says she calls Trayvon back and tells him to run and continues to tell him to run for about 4 minutes, but Trayvon says he lost him.
7:16 - Dee Dee says the phone cut off (and landed in the grass and she heard wet grass and a little "get off")
7:16 - screams are heard on the first 911 call
7:17 - Gun shot