Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chad Joseph's Dad is witness in murder case for Prosecution

Chester Joseph is Chad Joseph's father.  Chad was the witness we saw on the stand in the Trayvon Martin case - the son of Brandy Green.  Chad is the 15 year old who asked for the bag of skittles that Trayvon had on him the night he died.

In March, 2012, Chester Joseph gave this interview about what happened the night Trayvon Martin was shot while his son was home alone, waiting on him to come back from the store:

According to this video, where Chester Joseph recants his original story on the stand for Prosecutors, Chester Joseph is a convicted drug dealer and felon

Mosby previous lawyer, former Assistant Public Defender Justin Bleakley, testified the prosecution never provided him a copy of the videotape in which Joseph lied repeatedly to sheriff's investigators. Nor did he learn about a photographic line-up in which Joseph didn't identify Mosby yet later said the teenager tried to shoot and kill him.

Joseph, a resident who describes himself as a "manager" for Sims-Walker and Johnson and a friend of Marshall's, downplays their involvement with the house: "I use their [homes] a lot ... all I was doing was really returning the favor. ... When [the players] come here now, I got somewhere where you can go on and slide you a little chick. [link to police interrogation of Johnson]
 Upstanding guy.  What I don't get, why didn't the media mention this?  Frank Taaffe's DUI was front page news for three days, but no mention of a major witnesses father being a convicted drug dealer and known liar.   Jeff Weiner is the author of the above online article.

Jeff reports on Taafee here - he tweets about it

Jeff Weiner
George Zimmerman friend Frank Taaffe gets probation for DUI -- Story via @ReneStutzman: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/breakingnews/os-frank-taaffe-plea-20121126,0,2999810.story … #GeorgeZimmerman #TrayvonMartin

Not once did Jeff report a connection between Chester Joseph and the Zimmerman case.  Weird, right?