Friday, July 5, 2013

Ronquavis Fulton "I hear my little Cousin crying"

"I hear my little cousin crying". Ronquavis (Qua) Fulton tells Nancy Grace in April, 2012.

My little cousin eh?  The "little cousin" you tried to sell a gun to, Qua?  The little cousin who was traveling to Sanford with fire ass kush somewhere on his person?

The "little cousin" you offered a .22 to just seven days before he tried to take George Zimmerman's gun off him and kill him with? That "little cousin"?

Ronquavis is the son of Sybrina Fulton's brother, Ronald Tyronne Fulton.  Ronald is in a wheelchair, but prior to that he had his own problems with obeying the law.  Qua also tells Nancy Grace that he met Rachel Jeantel - or whomever W8 was at the time, at the funeral.  A "meet and greet".  I hope Qua tells us which one he met, or why HE lied about when he takes the stand.  Rachel said she lied out of guilt - what's Qua's excuse?

A family full of people willing to go to the media and spout lies.  What's in it for Ronquavis?  Money, family loyalty?  Whatever it is, the lies were fed to us on a daily basis and now they are biting everyone in the fire ass tush.