Monday, July 15, 2013

Lester Chambers "Allegedly" Assaulted in the name of Trayvon Martin

Solicitation of funs on Lester Chamber's Sweet Charity page

Let me preface by saying I think shoving an elderly man is deplorable.  I just don't know why a white woman would go to a blues concert and shove a very, very, old black man without reason. Hours after the concert ended, George Zimmerman was found not guilty.  After researching Mr. Chambers a bit, I have come to the conclusion that the whole thing was set up so Chambers could solicit money on his "Sweet Charity" funding page.  In my opinion, the Trayvon aspect was added by Chambers at the last minute (after Zimmerman "not guilty verdict" to add anger, and therefore, more power to the solicitation of funds.  I've listened to the video repeatedly he does not mention Trayvon Martin.  
Video taken from the concert of alleged attack on Lester Chambers. This is the song he allegedly dedicated to Trayvon - when he was almost finished, a woman crawls onto the stage and shoves Lester.

All the usual suspects begin an onslaught of race-hustling for cash.

Lester is fine, just a bit sore and he will feel it tomorrow, the woman who attacked him was white and yelled something like “it’s all your fault” before she hit him, he went down hard but was halfway caught by Barren, thank God, she was subdued by Police and taken away while the para-medics came and took him to a local Hospital where he went thru a series of cat scans, no broken bones, the only injury for now is a 8″ scratch in the kidney area of his back and it’s starting to swell. Thank you for all your well wishes, he will be up and running soon.
 Lester apparently dedicated the classic song, “People Get Ready,” by The Impressions to Martin. The woman heard the dedication and attacked him.
Bold emphasis mine.  I think if you listen closely to the end of the video you will see that the first two statements do not seem to be true and the third, well "subdued"?  I really think the whole thing was staged.  Lester and the band saw the woman climbing onto the stage and no one seemed AT ALL alarmed - he continued to sing until she shoved him.  

More from the article:
There was a lot of talk, particularly by Zimmerman supporters, about how there would be riots if Zimmerman was acquitted. So far, all that we know happened that was violent was this attack and an attack on peaceful protesters by the Los Angeles police, who fired rubber bullets at them.
 As you can see by the article comments, people are devouring this story and regurgitating back into the public fora.  As was the case in the George Zimmerman debacle, they need zero proof.

Lola Chambers - Lester Chamber's wife, wrote on her facebook page (no video provided here of the incident which the family gave to someone after the concert who uploaded it onto youtube):


 Lester was in the middle of his set when he dedicated his next song to Trayvon Martin (hours before the verdict) and went on to say that if Curtis Mayfield had been alive he would have changed the words to his song to be "a change is comin". Suddenly, a deranged woman jumped onstage (where were the security) and rushed Lester screaming profanities and pushed him back into his equipment and onto the ground. She reached to pick up the mike stand to hit him with when she was tackled by one of Lester's friends. It took several others to hold her down before security and police arrived
This does not match what is seen in the video.  He dedicated the song to the man above.  He never said anything at all about changing the words to the song or about Trayvon Martin.  Lola wrote that she was not there that day, in fact, they don't even live together and haven't for many years.  

BET  - Again, BET provides NO video although one is available:
Lester Chambers was violently interrupted while attempting to give tribute to the family of Trayvon Martin over the weekend.
Yahoo News - Finally the video is added on 7/15 at 7:40:
"She sprang up in my face and started calling me MF and said, 'I started this' and flew into me full force," Lester Chambers said. "She knocked me back at least six feet into the equipment racks. I've got this severe bruise on back and my rib cage."
The assault has left the elder Chambers struggling to breathe, since he was already suffering from asthma. He's also has bruised hips, knees and ribs and sore arms and wrists.
Still, he and his son know it could have been worse. "He keeps saying to me, 'What if she had a knife on her?' She could have stabbed him right in the gut and it would have been all over right then," he said.
To make matters worse, the elder Chambers' medical insurance doesn't kick back in until August, so he's relying on the Sweet Relief Fund to help him with his medical bills.
The arrest information -  Dinalynn Inez Andrews-Potter was arrested after the incident.

A little history:

Lester is, or was, suing Columbia Records for "screwing" him out of money.  He started an online donation site where he collected over $61,000.

On another site he received $10,000 in one day when celebrities helped in raise funds for him.  This was March 2012 - he believes he will need more due to living expense, etc.

The injury,  from the acrobatic woman who "leapt" onstage and "shoved" Mr. Chambers, is depicted on the Chambers Brothers Facebook.  The mention of bruising to other parts of Lester's body, is new.  Increased donations?

There's a facebook page dedicated to charging this woman with a hate crime.

Another facebook page, which appears to be Dinalynn's (unless you inspect closely), was put up today as well.

Dinalynn's was not the only (alleged), attack over the Zimmerman case. Trayvon protesters knocked over a cameraman - but he is white, so I doubt he will sue for a hate crime.  Others broke windows (waiting to hear damage $$), and had run-ins with police.
I wonder if the cameraman who was injured by rioters last night will file hate crime charges.