Friday, July 12, 2013

Race bait, catch racists... throw them back - The Trayvon Martin Disaster

The State vs George Zimmerman trial is in deliberations as I write this.  It's been one helluva ride.  Almost 16 months of fighting tooth and nail for justice for Zimmerman and self-defense and after being called a racist every day for doing so, the game plan changes.

Daryl Parks, attorney for the Martin family: "America doesn't like to talk about race.  It's not a comfortable conversation for anyone," he said.  "When you try to inject race into a case like this here, that means you're trying to push somebody who's trying to make a decision one way or the other." 

Daryl Parks, March 2012: "Even without hate crime charges, Parks said it’s clear that race played a role in Trayvon’s killing and that the family believes Sanford police actively covered up the racial component to protect Zimmerman."

John Guy, Prosecutor State vs Zimmerman: "This case is not about race"

In the words of Mark O'Mara, "really?  REALLY?"

First of all, if the case was not about race, then why hire four civil rights attorneys, two famous shyster Civil Rights leaders, the President of the NAACP, and every black reporter on television to submerge the entire population into a steaming shit hole of racial hysteria?  

Let's take a quick look back at how this is not about race:

Of course the most glaring example of this being ALL about race from jump street:

Ben Jealous, Pres. NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson

United Nations: Fla. Civil Rights Group Welcomes U.N. Official’s Call for Reparations in Trayvon Martin Case "“The shooting death of Trayvon Martin and Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law have created a worldwide movement that calls into question how justice is delivered to victims of color,” he said."

The Martin family speak at a Congressional hearing on hate crimes.

Tracy Martin June 10, 2013: "You can't prepare your child to contend with the warped mentality of someone else. You can only teach them to be good and live by the laws of the land. George Zimmerman acted in a deranged way -- and all the evidence supports that. I know how society negatively portrays black boys, and my son Trayvon wasn't naive. He wasn't blind to stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. But I shouldn't have to tell my child to fear walking to the store to get snacks just because he's black.

I recently read a government report that showed 36 percent of American high school seniors had tried marijuana in the past year. And white kids do it more often than blacks or Hispanics. Is that a reason to shoot a kid? Would Zimmerman have shot a white kid in that neighborhood? (Ooops, whose racism is showing now) 

Today from the New Black Panthers: “Anything less than death for George Zimmerman is not justice,” Kojo Kayrallah told The Daily Caller Friday afternoon." and "Muhammad told the Daily Caller that he’d been invited to multiple protests by the Martin family and their family attorney Benjamin Crump. The group had associations with other civil rights leaders including Al Sharpton and his brother Kenneth Glasgow. “We came, and we supported,” said Muhammad of their visits to Sanford last year."

Not only did they show up, Sybrina made a new friend on Facebook.  You can see the NBP in the front of the picture.

  Color of Change Website "You can help put an end to media that dehumanizes young Black men like Trayvon and enables a culture in which Black lives are seen as less valuable." 

Roland Martin "If the boy had been white and wearing a hoodie, he would not have been a threat to be shot down."

 Benjamin Crump, Esq., Martin family attorney: "He was a good kid," Crump told Reuters "On his way home, a Neighborhood Watch loose cannon shot and killed him."

And in the final sentence, Crump slammed down the race card.

"Why is this kid suspicious in the first place? I think a stereotype must have been placed on the kid."

There's the blackmail by Natalie Jackson, Martin Family Attorney:

Ben Jealous:  "It just shows the problem of bias here, because no one can even conceptualize a circumstance in which a young white child would have been treated this way, a young white child’s family would have had their trust so thoroughly mistreated by a department like this."

Charles Blow, Writer for NY Times:  "That is the burden of black boys in America and the people that love them: running the risk of being descended upon in the dark and caught in the cross-hairs of someone who crosses the line.

Michael Skolnik:  "For heaven’s sake, for 24 hours he was a deceased John Doe at the hospital because even the police couldn’t believe that maybe he LIVES in the community. - Michael Skolnick (paid well to race-bait by hip-hop mogul, Russell Simmons.

I'd be here for 16 more months copying and pasting all the ways this case IS about race.  Only a moron could think differently.  The following article explains their motivation very well.

Benjamin Crump and others reportedly exploiting Trayvon Martin's death
“The entire construct of their purpose and reason for existence is framed around skin color.  Hence color defines not only their ideology, but also their associations.  They are, in a general sense, perpetually aggrieved. 

“While there are many local and national advocacy groups who could be considered ‘perpetually aggrieved’, the BGI is one of the best known entities because of the duration of exploitive enterprise." Read this in it's entirety, and learn from it.

Feel free to add any racist comments from the key players and media you find.  Thanks much to my friend Rachel for her help finding links.  It seems many are being scrubbed.