Thursday, May 30, 2013

You Might be a Trayvon Martin Supporter if...

Trayvon Martin supporters are naive and stubborn - and a little scary in that they feel anyone who disagrees with them are racist.  They feel Trayvon was just in attacking George Zimmerman because George shouldn't have been following/watching him - apparently their version of Stand Your Ground.  So, you might be a Trayvon Martin supporter if :

You imagined once Obama was elected he would be paying for your gas and mortgage:

You think making abortion illegal will result in ugly little nappy headed kids running around hungry:

Nothing is ever your fault.  You have 15 kids and 3 babydaddys and believe someone besides yourself "needs to pay" for your bills and children:

You believe George Zimmerman supporters are "racist fucks":

You have an unnatural attraction to Cabbage patch dolls:

You believe buying illegal guns, growing illegal pot, having underrage porn on your phone, making illegal "lean", and assaulting strangers is just a regular teenager trying to "fit in".

You believe this is a true depiction of George Zimmerman  and Trayvon Martin:

You believe this is a true depiction of President Barack Obama:

You believe this man cares about the downtrodden and oppressed:

You think this blog is racist.  (There are as many ignorant white people referred to in this blog as there are ignorant African Americans)