Friday, May 10, 2013

George Zimmerman's Flyer - Sherman Ware

This is the flyer George Zimmerman handed out in an effort to help Sherman Ware obtain justice after being beat up by a cop's son in Sanford, Florida.

Natalie Jackson has said George is lying - pot/kettle - and he clearly was not.  She sort of obsessed about it earlier today, set off by Robert Zimmerman Jr.'s blog.

Trigmund, aka, Frederick Leatherman, chimes in and contributes nothing.

I understand why she says RJ is lying, she is looking for a payday and the more racist she can prove he is, the better.  What's really rich, Natalie and the NAACP have already made money off of Sherman Ware in a settlement after George made the NAACP aware of Mr. Ware's case.

Proof of George's involvement:
What Can You Do - The story of Sherman Ware and George's attempt to help him.