Saturday, May 25, 2013

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman - the way they looked that night?

Benjamin Crump is complaining about the pictures being shown by the media via the latest document dump by Mark O'Mara.  Natalie Jackson is calling the defense team racist for putting the pictures that were found on Trayvon's phone in his release - she called him racist on her twitter feed.  The entire Scheme Team is calling the latest discovery a smear campaign.

I do want to point out that the pictures the Scheme Team approved for the media blitz in March, 2012, FAR from portrayed Trayvon Martin the night he assaulted George Zimmerman. Cake and eat it too, I suppose. (click "read more" below)

The first images I saw related to this case were on HLN - I heard the screams, looked at the picture, and changed the channel - I couldn't stand to listen to that poor child screaming for his life.  The way the story was being told on the Internet, I pictured the teen walking along, minding his own business, when a deranged wannabe cop started chasing him while the boy screamed.  After a few seconds, the screaming stopped, the animal had shot the little boy:

I ran to turn the channel every time this story came on the news....until one day I heard Al Sharpton had become involved.  Al Sharpton should be a red flag to anyone that the truth has permanently left the building.  I started digging and found many pictures of both these men, and they looked nothing like the above.  The rest is history, but I digress.  Ben Crump says the pictures on Trayvon's phone should not matter, only what he looked like that night should matter - finally he and I agree on something and Trayvon sure as hell didn't look like the 12 year old in the picture above.