Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shameless Hypocrisy thy name is Natalie Jackson, Esq.

Natalie Jackson's Public Facebook Statement. Natalie is one of the Trayvon Martin family attorneys - they have FIVE.  Benjamin Crump, Modares, Natalie Jackson, Jasmine Rand, Daryl Parks.   Anyway, she asked that her statement be shared, so I am sharing.  Below Natalie's statement, I have written my own.

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Now MY STATEMENT REGARDING PHOTOS OF George Zimmerman RELEASED BY Trayvon Martin family, their attorneys, the news media, thousands of bloggers, radio hosts, twitter, facebook, and Ryan Julison. (PLEASE SHARE THIS POST): 

In the YEAR leading up to trial, the photos and documents of George Zimmerman released by the team of personal injury lawyers for the Trayvon Martin family  since March 3, 2012, are irrelevant to his guilt or innocence. Their release was meant solely to prejudice a potential jury pool, argue Stand Your Ground laws, sue the Sanford Police Department and the Retreat at Twin Lakes HOA, and to increase their notoriety as high profile civil rights attorneys.  It is HIGHLY unlikely they will even be admitted into evidence at trial. There is no evidence that Trayvon Martin knew anything about George Zimmerman before he confronted and relentlessly assaulted Mr. Zimmerman. 

The evidence that will be admitted at trial about George Zimmerman is that he was defending himself from what he perceived might be death if Trayvon Martin continued to cover his mouth and slam his head onto the sidewalk and ground.  George was a married, average American citizen who held a job and was about to receive his Associate's degree in criminal justice - he was armed and legally where he had a right to be when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. These are undisputed facts and will likely come in at trial whether or not the prosecutor decides to misstate Trayvon's character during proceedings.  However, if the prosecutor decides to mischaracterize Trayvon as an honor roll student who was never in trouble and had no record of violence, the evidence that may be admitted is Trayvon's documented history of criminal mischief from Michael Kropp High School Police, school records, and predominantly in his own words and photos, a propensity for violence, such as his fights at school, his organized fighting where he was a referee, his documented drug use and his desire to own a handgun.  George does not have any criminal convictions for violence or otherwise - simple arrests have never and will never make it into criminal trial.  To say George should not have had a concealed carry license because he has felonies is a misstatement of fact.  George had no felonies or history of drug use and has NEVER misused his right to carry his weapon.  In fact, the one and only time he used his weapon was in self-defense - the reason most licensed CW owners carry them.
Let me clear up what the mutual restraining order was for between George and his ex-girlfriend.  By her own admission he "threw her on the bed",  and she "slapped him across his face".  That's it.  Throwing someone on a bed hardly makes one a murderer. George filed a restraining order against his ex as well.  Both expired in 2006.

The resisting arrest with violence:  George and friends were at campus library, with drinks, when undercover campus police jerked one of George's friends off his chair and took him outside, throwing him against a wall.  They did not identify themselves.  George ran outside after them, shoved the officer and asked what the hell he was doing.  The officer threw Geroge against a car and cuffed him.  All the ranting about this incident is hilarious to me, because George did the same thing everyone is saying Trayvon did to George.  "He should have identified himself, he deserved to be assaulted!" Yet this same type incident makes George guilty of murder.  Anyway, all charges against George were lowered and then dismissed. He has no criminal record as was initially reported by Sanford detective Chris Serino.

Lastly, the release of the eight year old mugshot and 12 year old Trayvon photos by the Martin/Fulton family and their attorneys, and the media’s interest in these photos begs the question; exactly what is it these photos are meant to prove? Are the family attorneys trying to prove George deserved to be assaulted by Trayvon Martin  by the way he looked (eight years and 80 lbs prior to incident)? If so, this stereotypical and closed-minded thinking is the same mindset that caused Trayvon Martin to hide in wait for, pursue, confront, and assault an armed individual who he didn’t know. 

Was the media reporting with these years old photos for months...
George Zimmerman mugshot from 2005 - all charges dismissed
Trayvon Martin - 8th grade school picture
 supposed to support the absurd position that George Zimmerman was a hardened criminal and a wannabe cop who instinctively smelled the blood of a young black boy and felt justified in taking a break before buying milk to chase a black boy down like a rabid dog and killing him?  If so, what does that say about the media and its reporting on victims of violent black youth?

Ben Crump says all that matters is what Trayvon looked like the day he was killed by George Zimmerman.  I agree, the same respect  should have been shown to George Zimmerman when Crump and Jackson hired a publicist to smear George Zimmerman and canonize Trayvon Martin.
George Zimmerman as he looked the night he shot Trayvon Martin (below), in self defense

Precisely how Trayvon looked within an hour of assaulting George Zimmerman

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