Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Trayvon Martin's Button

Update:  The pin Trayvon was wearing was definitely Cory Johnson, as Conservative Treehouse said (best source for mostly accurate information since the beginning ).
Cory Johnson, not Trayvon's Grandmother
Trayvon was wearing a button the night he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in self defense.  I believe the button could have been for (his cousin?), Antwan  Graham, b. 7/1987 d. 2/5/2012.  I say his cousin because that is the most convoluted set of family names I've ever seen - not even a spreadsheet helps.  Takira's cousin says this is her brother.  Takira is Trayvon's sister.  Antwan lived in Miami Gardens.  There's also a FB owned by "Antonio rip Graham" that has the same photo of Antwan on it - no luck there either. (click "read more" below)

I haven't been able to find out where or how he died, but I do know he is related to and died a few weeks before Trayvon.  If anyone can find out more information about him (his death), I will post it.  He also went by "Antwan Yearight".  I sort of suspect he may be the Antwan L. Graham who went to jail in Miami Dade for strangling someone, but the birthdate is off by a month.

Both of the above posted on cousin of Takira Martin's facebook page

I'm pretty sure he was on Tracy Martin's side of the family - or Larisa Rozier's, Tracy's ex-wife and Takira's mother.  My brain is officially scrambled.

Then again, this could be planted to divert attention away from the real honoree on the button TM was wearing the night he died. Sybrina says a cousin here (start at 4:45).

Conservative Treehouse also posted their theory on who the button may have belonged to, Cory Johnson.