Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trayvon Martin, Pam Bondi, guns, and Fire Ass Kush

The text messages found on Trayvon Martin's phone during the investigation into his death are about as "normal" as this picture of Pam Bondi, Attorney General of Florida.  Both should have never happened.

Two sets of text messages from Trayvon Martin's phone that are troubling and hopefully do not represent a "normal" child as Crump said on Piers Morgan's show.

In the first a friend tells Trayvon he has some "fire ass kush", which is synthetic marijuana.  Only traces of THC, from what I understand, would show up if that is what Trayvon was on that night.  (*please see comments) Synthetic pot has a lot of very daunting side effects - one being panic attacks.  Synthetic pot is highly illegal - Pam Bondi's PSA on it: (click below to "read more")

The second set of texts include Trayvon talking about buying a .38 followed by a warning from a friend or relative, "I ain't ya parent, but that gshit throw it away".  To which Trayvon replies, "you gotta knock my hustle"?

Check out 20:50 re: hustle (Actually the entire video is a must see for ANYONE who thinks Trayvon's aspirations were those of a normal child).

"Gshit" means "gangster shit".  "Card" means joint or cigarette.

In another text, his cousin Qua Fulton is telling him about a gun. Trayvon was wanting a gun badly - and I am not completely convinced that he didn't have one the night he assaulted George. Remember George said he was reaching in his waistband.  His dad and Brandy both were under the impression that he was "sitting on the porch" when the altercation took place.  Did he throw the gun and pot and circle back for George?

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