Monday, May 6, 2013

Mark O'Mara - Is he Whizzing in the Wind with motions?

Bernie de le Rionda does what he wants, when he wants and if you do not like it, eat dirt (insert tongue out emoticon here).  According to this filing by frustrated defense attorneys, so do his detectives and expert witnesses.


The state’s attempt to hide certain records from Murray by prohibiting Murray from inspecting itsfile on Murray, citing non-existent statutes to claim “exemptions,” or by insufficiently delineating what records it has in its possession violates these Constitutional rights. It is unheard of that a state, with 163 claimed exemptions consisting of hundreds or even thousands of documents, would not tender something to the defense. Unfortunately, such is the case here. 
In Murray’s case, the above information exists, is relevant to Murray’s 3.851 claims listed above, and would demonstrate the improper systematic changing of testimony and evidence to obtain a conviction.
That's our Bernie.  It's no wonder the Florida jusice system has been labled the most corrupt in the US.