Thursday, May 30, 2013

Retreat at Twin Lakes Illustrated Map - Trayvon Martin Case

Map and Key Created by the Wagist's John Linehan - Click picture for larger view
A – The Clubhouse for Retreat at Twin Lakes.
B – Community mailboxes.
C – Where George Zimmerman parked his truck.
D – Brandy Green’s Townhouse, where Trayvon was staying.
E – Zimmerman stopped and completed his 911 call for approximately eighty seconds.
F – The fight and shooting took place in this area.
G – Eyewitness “John’s” townhouse.
I added to bottom right of screen the "back entrance" which I believe George referred to in his 911 call and walk-through with Sanford detective Chris Serino.  As you can see, the back entrance I've added is right next to the residence Trayvon was visiting that week.