Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fact or Fiction - Modern Day Lynchings and Organ Theft

War on the Horizon

"But the heinous acts of brutality and violence against Black youth do not begin or stop at these incidents. Our organization has fielded calls and emails regarding everything from young Sisters being abducted and burned alive by groups of white assailants to Black children being gutted alive after their murder and having their body parts removed before burial..." Read More

"Ensure that your sons understand that white females have historically caused countless numbers of Black men to be hung, lynched, or otherwise harmed based on their sexual relationships with Black men. Let them know that neither you nor anyone in the Black community is going to come to their rescue if white males decide to harm or kill them for sexually interacting with their white daughters. If they sleep with white females, on some level, they deserve to be assaulted. However, if they are not involved in interracial relationships and are in the right, we must be willing to shed the blood of those who harm our children.

The rising tide of racism and white aggression is desperately calling for a militant Black response."

"Some say that over 21 Black men have been lynched in the state and none of them have been properly investigated."

The blogger goes on to mention a few examples of mysterious deaths of black men that haven't been properly investigated.

Henry Fordham
"Brother Henry Fordham was assaulted by (2) white males named Mike and John in Dover, Delaware in September 2012.  These were reportedly the same (2) white males who lynched Johnny Lorenzo Clark.  They attempted to castrate Fordham and cut off his ear.
His ear seems pretty much intact in the video (notice outraged responses in comments), but maybe they sewed it back on.  I'm inclined to believe this was a drug deal gone bad.  Just a hunch after reading he was arrested for intent to distribute 8 ozs of cocaine.

Johnny Lorenzo Clark 
According to this story: Johnny Lorenzo Clark was lynched and hung from a tree in Silver Lake Park in Dover, Delaware in May 2012. The police claim that he hung himself from a tree. However, they refuse to allow the family to see the pictures of the hanging. The mother, on this video, says two of her sons were on the run and were arrested but doesn't feel she is being harassed.
Reverend Anna Watson may be the most interesting part of this story.  She is black and she has never heard of a "lynching".  When the police questioned (10-15 white officers) her, she had sadly not talked to Henry first to get their stories in synch.

Jason Smith kkk Murder
The father's video - according to him, his son was raped, tasered, his organs were stolen and all was done by the KKK via an FBI agents son - a picture of Trayvon is shown in the background.  I promise.  
I've not been able to find a real news story on this case.

Dakota Bright Story
uhuru news Another story talks about suing the police department, but no officers are named.  The petition. I have searched for an hour and can not find anything in the main stream media about this story. Video with cool music and pictures of  Dakota Bright. I noticed the story changed drastically from the first telling to the latest article I could find.

Charles Conley Story This group is not convinced Mr. Conley's death was a suicide.
"Police said a passing motorist called 911 Oct. 17 at approximately 7:30 a.m., after discovering the victim in an alley between the 200 block of North Governors Avenue and Bradford Street."
"Detectives found a suicide note and suspect no foul play or criminal activity."

Murder of Gregory Johnson, Jr. -
San Jose State College  Petition (calls for the creation of the Gregory Johnson act. Why do people take pictures at an autopsy? This is the third case I've seen of this.  There is no way to know if this is actually his head, and if so, why it looks the way it does.  His death was ruled a suicide and closed.  The family refuses to accept the suicide, they are raising money to exhume the body.  An investigative journalist has taken on the story - autopsy report attached.

 And finally, opinions as they relate to Trayvon Martin and organ harvesting:

 Opinion by YouTube blogger on organ harvesting and how it relates to Trayvon Martin.

Opinion by Dick Gregory "1,700 black males and mexicans are killed every night" for their organs.
One correction to Mr. Gregory's nonsensical diatribe (don't have time for all) - there are approx 16,000 white and approx12,000 AA in Sanford.  The Retreat at Twin Lakes was 30% AA at the time of the killing.