Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trayvon Martin Case - Witness #8 and Bilocation

I am thoroughly disgusted by the lies and misrepresentations the State and Benjamin Crump are being allowed to get away with in a Murder case.  The most recent that has come to light (in addition to Dee Dee's age not being 16, a lie she does not explain), is Witness #8's explanation as to why she lied about being in the hospital on the day of Trayvon's wake.

Witness #8 tells Mark O'Mara the reason she lied to Attorney Crump and Prosecutor Bernie De la Rionda was because Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon's mother, was sitting beside her when she was being interviewed by Crump. See details here: Defendant's Motion for Sanctions

This is a direct contradiction to what is said by Benjamin Crump in his affidavit:

"Present with me during the interview were Trayvon's parents..." and "I have no knowledge of who was present with witness #8 at her location during the interview".  How was witness #8 sitting next to Trayvon's mother if Trayvon's "parents" were present with Crump while he was interviewing witness #8 telephonically?

And first few seconds of this recording of Witness #8.

Further, Crump states that after that interview he never spoke with witness #8 again.  So why did Matt Gutman tell MSNBC,  "We've been talking to her for days now" (6:18) on March 29, 2012?
De la Rionda's email to O'Mara re: Witness #8

What is the real story?  Who is lying, Dee Dee or Crump?  Hard to believe Crump would coach Dee Dee to say the reason she lied about the hospital was because Sybrina was sitting next to her since he is on the record saying Sybrina and Tracy were with him.  Am I missing something obvious here?

One thing is for certain, Judge Nelson has no problem whatsoever with these contradictions - nor does Pam Bondi, Crump's longtime friend.  This is a murder case for heaven's sake.  Someone needs to find their ethics and sense of decency and give George Zimmerman a fair shot at justice.  To date there is no indication the State cares about anything but themselves.

A man is in hiding, his life, health,  and reputation have been ruined while the willing participants to this hoax are buying evening gowns, attending awards banquets, hobnobbing with celebrities,  and living high off the hog.

George Zimmerman was arrested based on lies. Prior to Witness #8 appearing out of nowhere, there was not enough to arrest George on.  Do the right thing Pam Bondi - make Crump stop hiding behind his friends in high places and get to the truth.