Wednesday, May 1, 2013

George Zimmerman Hearing April 30, 2013

Thanks to @Coreshift

April 30 Motion Hearing - George Zimmerman 
Trayvon Martin Case
Starts at 6:00 due to technical (sound) issues.

Here is an excellent article on this hearing:
George Zimmerman waives pre-trial self-defense hearing
"The immunity hearing would have also placed the burden of proof on the defense which may have had to call Zimmerman and other witnesses such as forensic experts to explain why Zimmerman feared for his life and used deadly force. By waiting until trial, O'Mara kept his strategy and potential surprise evidence to himself and enters a legal arena where the burden is now on the prosecution since Zimmerman is presumed innocent at trial.
The strategy, however, is also risky and eliminates a path to acquittal for Zimmerman. "You never know when you put a case in the hands so of 12 people," Reep said.
Still, O'Mara will have two opportunities during trial to ask for a "judgement of acquittal," where the judge can decide to acquit Zimmerman without the jury, Reep said. O'Mara can ask when the prosecution rests and when the defense rests but such acquittals don't happen often, he said."

Also from the hearing - cleaned up audio recording of 911 call:

Crump's statement about the 911 tape being "cleaned up"