Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gunz, Grillz, Drugz, and Stacks - Where was Trayvon headed?

Whether what was in Trayvon Martin's texts are found relevant or inadmissible in the upcoming trial is really the least of my worries today.  I'm more worried about the substance of Trayvon's text messages. He was only 17 years old and moving headlong into disaster.  I watched the video below and I was disgusted, angry, frightened, and a little amazed that this goes on in a civilized society.  I'm amazed our government wants to take away my right to legally carry a weapon to defend myself and my family against these animals on the street.  Why are they able to carry their illegal guns freely and without near the scrutiny or emphasis placed on George Zimmerman this past year for protecting himself with his legally acquired weapon. 

I think about the BILLIONS of dollars in this country lost to civil rights suits against police brutality (some warranted, to be sure), and the marches to protest the shooting of kids with guns or those they perceived to have weapons.  Watching this video, I don't know how officers are able to discern who may or may not have a weapon in many instances.  I feel like the police should be paid combat pay, not the pittance they earn, to protect the rest of us from this unthinkable violence and unbridled criminal activity that is depicted in the video.  I believe there is police brutality, but I believe it is a fraction of the brutality these officers face in some of the morally bankrupt communities they serve to protect and control.  The individuals in these communities hate cops, they think only a dead cop is a good cop.  Imagine facing that reality on a daily basis. Watch this video and you will see cops throwing people against cars and throwing them on the ground, hitting and kicking them to control them...and in every instance the out of control perp deserved what he got, and in my opinion, more.  Being warm and fuzzy to some wild animals will get you killed.

I'm surprised there are not more cop fatalities among the violence of these streets.  As far as walking while black, try to imagine a fool who would walk while white in these violence infested communities.  One of the guys in the video says he would "kill a cracker" just for walking down the street in his hood.  I would be willing to wager that guy is a hell of a lot safer walking through my neighborhood than me through his. Yet Charles Blow, Russel Simmons, Ben Jealous, Al Sharpton, Corrine Brown, etc., raise the false narrative that getting killed while walking black in America is an epidemic.  Watch the video, the epidemic is clearly not walking while black, it is walking while a thug and a gangster - walking while having zero regard to human life. Sybrina and Tracy's campaign of smoke and mirrors only enables this behavior and inciting more violence to come. Watch now where Trayvon Martin was most likely headed - everything he wanted can be found right here, in this very difficult to watch video.

(WARNING: this video contains graphic violence and about 2 minutes of explicit sexual scenes) 

Guns, drugs, money, violence, and the gangster/thug life.  They kill, by their own admission, to raise their body count and increase their standing in a gang.  Life is meaningless to them.  The most obvious question for anyone should be, where the hell are the parents of these kids?  Some are 8  and 9 years old and they are in the thick of the fighting and gun shots.  Where are the mothers?  Sadly it appears the fathers are in the street enabling and welcoming the newcomers to the violent and deadly fold.

Reading the text messages from Sybrina Fulton to her son Trayvon saddened me.  Her solution was to kick Trayvon out by sending him to his father who sent him, alone, to Sanford where he was looking for a gun and drugs.  Tracy sent Trayvon to strangers (in one text Sybrina or Tracy asks Trayvon how he liked Brandi),  and texted him not to act like a donkey.  Tracy's idea of discipline was to give his son $100. His son who was suspended for a third time from school.  He should have had his phone taken away, at the very least, and an adult should have been supervising him and actively working to put him on the right track.  I guess they were busy with they own thing.

Sybrina and Tracy loved Trayvon, there's no doubt in my mind.  I think they feel guilty for allowing things to go unchecked and spiral out of control.  Sybrina tried to tell the world she felt this was an "accident" but was quickly made to retract that statement.   Tracy called juvenile detention before making a missing person's report the morning after Trayvon was killed.  They knew, but now, it's too little, and way too late.  Instead of concentrating on ruining George's life further, they should be improving Trayvon's legacy by working to help other parents understand where they may have failed.  What happened to Trayvon had nothing to do with Stand Your Ground or gun laws, it had to do with the reality of the culture Trayvon was being raised in - where it is painfully obvious the parents of young men and women are clueless or helpless to do anything once they spiral out of control.  Ben Crump and Natalie Jackson simply saw a cash cow, Al Sharpton saw an opportunity to push his political agenda, and they all knew the truth or they wouldn't have worked so hard to cover that truth up. The truth needs no publicist.

I am sick of being called a racist because I was never fooled by what this case has turned into - a fiasco.  If I am a racist because I believe in justice, and not railroading, then, whatever, calling me the name won't make it true and it diminishes the term's true meaning.