Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Alan Reich - Forensic Expert hired by the State in Zimmerman Case

The Washington Post first hired Alan Reich as an expert to examine the 911 tapes in May, 2012.  His findings were outlined in this article.  The original call portions and their enhancements are included in the article.

Alan Reich's analysis, dated May 9, 2013.  He appears to be saying he made the analysis after being furnished with recorded calls of Trayvon off of Tracy Martin's phone and portions of George Zimmerman's walk through of the crime scene.

Alan R. Reich, as is on his stationery:  http://www.expertwitnessprofiler.com/Alan+Reich/148301 Nothing there. Also: http://www.voiceteacher.com/mathis.html Not much there.

Alan T. Reich: http://www.almexperts.com/expertsbio/Alan-T-Reich-Forensic-Acoustic-Consultants/5584 Nothing there. Also: http://www.courtroominsight.com/expert-witness-directory/23881