Wednesday, July 31, 2013

David Coulter, brother of Marshall Coulter

Marshall Coulter, 14, was shot in the head at 2:00 am in the morning after he climbed the fence of homeowner Merritt Landry of Marigny, Louisiana. Landry heard his dogs barking in the middle of the night, when he looked outside he saw Marshall standing by his car inside his gated property.  He shot once and hit Marshall in the head - the rest is fuzzy at this time.  Marshall has a record of thefts - in fact, he was due to go to court on a theft/burglary charge before he was shot.

Merritt Landry has been charged with attempted Second Degree Murder.  Marshall Coulter is still in the hospital, he can move his right side, but Doctors say he will be brain damaged.

Landry paid $100,000 bond and is free today. He has a baby on the way and a toddler.

David Coulter is Marshall Coulter's older brother.  He told reporters that he raised Marshall because their father died in 2010.  If David's facebook video is any indication of what Marshall was raised around, Landry was very lucky Marshall didn't own a gun, yet.

On New Years eve this year, David, and what appear to be his friends or relatives, are shooting their guns instead of firecrackers.

Also interesting are the gang signs he is throwing, and the universal sign that he is teaching the baby girl in his picture.

A disturbing entry was one where David said he was going to kill himself...the post received five likes and one comment, which I am clueless to understand. Sad though.

David Coulter
December 6, 2012 near Gentilly, LA via mobile
Man it's time 4 me to do wat I have to do I can't be happy cause of all da - shit around me I'm ta dat point wat aver happens happens I'm killing my self. 4 da last 3 n a 1/2 week my head been pound I'm lose in a lot of wight I can't go back n play ball cause dis n dat on my mind wat ever happens from here da man above no wats best 4 me.
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  • Clarissa Keller whatever on ur mind man let that shit. go and move on with ursef .....if u not happy do u have to do make urself shine fuck the rest but u if not happy like u say well do u have to make u worth ur wild son ...i kno what ugoing throu but david gotta help u what u have to do son like I say u don't no child bro do u leave ur life fuck all the dum.shit Mann . U gotfamily and love u and ur nephew that look up too thou... god its going move shit out mind stop all the stress man it not good thou... take care bro

There's this facebook entry where he doesn't mention Marshall.  I'm wondering if he really did raise him, as he has said in a couple of interviews.  There are no pictures of Marshall on his facebook page, but I have verified that this is his brother.

David Coulter
September 13, 2012 via mobile
Fuck family only one I love is Devin da rest fuck yall with a sick dick all yall birch

This comment on Ebony's article about the case is awesome:
yrontrywon • 2 days ago −
yrontrywon. Dang! By being too spooked at whites being frequently robbed at gunpoint in New Orleans Landry missed a golden opportunity to counsel this young man and possibly even mentor him, despite the fact that they encountered one another in the middle of the night inside of Landry's gated and locked driveway.

A man who claims to be Marshall's father (see comments below).


  1. Thanks for the blog.
    Yes, it looks like young Marshall had quite the example set for him.

    BTW, David had mentioned the dad dying 3 years ago (although I've yet to find an obituary), but last night on the Justice for Marshall Facebook page, a man posted claiming HE was the father. The name was Marshall Robertson. His Facebook was open. Reading it, he had posted a few days ago that he hadn't seen his son since he was born because the mom wouldn't allow it.

    This morning his page is completely locked down.

    1. Hey there. That picture that's posted is Marshall Christian Robertson. My older brother. He has four son's (all alive) in Milwaukee.

  2. Maybe they had two different fathers. This guy looks nuts. Thanks for the info!

  3. i randomly looked at this blog i came across on google.
    1. there is no Marigny, Louisiana. The Marigny is a part of town in New Orleans, like ALL of New Orleans its a mixed part of town with poverty and prosperity staring each other in the face, but in recent years the city has been developing the area, and more rich white people have been buying property in previously impoverished neighborhoods.the area is known for crime, i've lived there all my life, but just because this kid was wrong, doesn't mean he should loose potentially loose his life, while i agree Landry had full right to act as he saw fit when it came to protecting his family and his property but when does it hit that this messed up kid is another person, when does the value of his possessions supersede someones life, and why is that ok?


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