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Kendrick Johnson was a good kid... as are the Bell brothers

Last week I interviewed a few people I was put in touch with by someone who is in Valdosta and knew KJ (Kendrick), Johnson.  We will call my source Phillip.  Phillip also knew the family of the two boys that CB King, Benjamin Crump (click link to hear Crump talk about the beating to Kendrick's face that did not happen), Victor Blackwell, Fred Rosen (via Ebony Magazine),  and the Johnson family are trying to railroad for the death of their son.

The attorneys and Fred Rosen are accusing two "white" boys, Branden and Brian Bell, of being accessories in the death of Kendrick fact, they've pretty much accused the older Bell of murdering KJ. According to Phillip and the two students I interviewed, the father of Brian Bell and Brandon Bell, FBI agent Rick Bell, was close to KJ up until about the 6th or 7th grade.  Mr. Bell coached Kendrick and was said to have been hurt by the accusations by the Johnson family -- he and his family cared about KJ.  KJ spent a lot of time playing video games, hoops, and staying over some nights with the Bell family.   These days, I'm told, Mr. Bell is less hurt and more outraged by the treatment of his son(s) in media and, in particular, by Mr. Fred Rosen and his fabricated articles on Ebony online. 

According to the students Kendrick was not close to his father and his mother was rarely around.  Kendrick would stay with friends for days without so much as a phone call from Jackie to inquire of his whereabouts or if he was ok.  Maybe she just trusted the people Kendrick was staying with, only she knows.   It is a fact that Kendrick was not living with Jackie when he went missing.  He lived with his grandmother so that he could attend Lowndes High.  Kenneth Johnson lived in Albany, Georgia with his girlfriend.  This is all in the case file which anyone can purchase for $35.00.  I will make these documents available online in the near future when time permits.  Kendrick likely needed more than the father of his friends for support, so he turned to the CVC gang.  This is one of the main reasons kids join gangs at an early age - they need a family, someone to have their backs.

Benjamin Crump, Jackie Johnson, Kenneth Johnson 
The Johnson family has little support in Valdosta save for their family and close friends.  Most of the town wishes they would take a seat and stop bringing shame to the school and law enforcement.  Their actions are ruining it for the legitimate cases that have come or will come up in the future.  Everyone who is familiar with the Johnson family knows their history and the history of the Johnson/Green kids.  They are still taking donations and authorities question their status as a charity or foundation.  Many questions to be answered once this case has been put to rest.

Kendrick, in my opinion, was destined to become a statistic, it was just a matter of time.  Almost all of the Johnson/Green children have criminal records...some more serious (weapons charges), than others.  Kendrick's best friend is the leader of the CVC gang in Valdosta.  You may remember Solo Arrington from this article:

Solomon "Solo" Arrington
The best friend of Johnson, Solomon Arrington, says that right after Kendrick died, he received threats on Facebook from an acquaintance who told him that “the he too could end up in a body bag.”
Keisha Moore, Arrington’s mother, says that when she reported the threat to the sheriff’s office, they downplayed it as insignificant.
“The detective told me I didn’t have to worry about that person because they knew where he was,” she said
Ms Moore and Soloman haven't got the message anymore and refuse to say who sent it. (my opinion: they don't have to have proof, only those they accuse do)

Here is Solo Arrington on Facebook from the case file:

Solo_cvc = The CVC gang in Valdosta.  Although the tweet at the beginning of this blog indicates otherwise, this gang is responsible for a lot of violent crime in Valdosta.

Just in from KJ's sister, Kenyetta - seems she was in a fight this weekend:

A little about the "bus" incident.
‘They start saying mama jokes and my son got the best of him with the jokes and he came at him and tried to put him in a headlock, and my son got away from him and he put it to him real good,' said Mr Johnson.
 ‘He whooped him. My son stood his ground and stopped him. But this guy here is a bully' said Kendrick's father ‘The kid just wanted to fight Kendrick and he was like "I don’t know you, so why you want to fight me for?" It shocked me.'
‘My son was the first one to whoop him,’ said Mr Johnson, who is being represented by Benjamin Crump, the civil rights attorney who became a national name as the lawyer for Trayvon Martin's family.
‘He whooped him. My son stood his ground and stopped him. But this guy here is a bully'.
 After the two were separated, the elder student was turned over to his parents while Kendrick was forced to ride home in a police cruiser. 
‘They were already separated because the other kid went with his parents,’ Mr Johnson said. ‘So why couldn’t Kendrick ride in the back of the bus?’
According to Kendrick's family, the teenager decided to quit the team after the incident. [Link]
 "Attorney Kings explains in the year 2011 Kendrick Johnson was involved in some sort of foul play with another young white male that attended the same school as Johnson. They got into an altercation or a fight and Johnson perhaps won the fight. The young white boy family then invites Johnson to their home to fight again but Johnson never came, no one has spoken to the family since. After that incident Kendrick was killed. This information was sent to the Sheriff department in Valdosta ga and is in the Sheriff’s investigative reports."
My source close to the case has spoken to parents, coaches, and kids from the bus, and they tell the following story, consistently:
"KJ was not suspended from the football team after the bus fight incident. In fact, he showed up at Spring practice in 2012. It was at that time, that he had words with one of the coaches and quit the team. He did not practice all summer nor did he play for the football team in the Fall of 2012.

A scuffle on the bus was all it was. A scuffle between friends. (They were not strangers and the Bell boy was not a "bully" unknown to KJ).  It was basically a pushing match, no one put anyone in a "headlock". It was stopped by the coaches and neither boy would have been suspended had it not been for Jackie Johnson.

Jackie Johnson showed up at school on Monday morning and started raising heck about her son having to ride home in a police car while the white kid did not. It was explained to her that the white boy’s parents were at the game. The coaches made each boy sit in the stands during the game and they could not ride back home on the team bus. The police were not called as Kenneth has stated. The coaches took care of this scuffle.
So, Jackie went to the principals’ office and told on her son. The coaches were trying to handle it without putting this incident of either of the boy’s school record.  But Jackie made sure to raise so much heck that she had her own son suspended and well as Brian.

Kendrick rode in the front seat with the school resource officer. The school resource officer said that KJ enjoyed the ride because the police cruisers go with the buses on out of town games. The police cars run ahead of the buses and turn on their blue lights and stop all of the traffic so that the buses can cruise through the redlights.  Richard Bell never contacted Kendrick again after that, nor did he give anyone a message to have Kendrick come to his house to fight.  Total fabrication on the part of King and Kenneth Johnson.
Why can't this family accept that maybe KJ really did die by accident rather than by being viciously beaten to death? Do accidents just not happen in their world? Are all white people evil to them? Plenty of violent history to be had for this family if one were to take a hard enough look.

On the other hand, the family of the FBI agent is one without a lot of drama...they are just hard working folks with good kids trying to live their life. Both sons have solid alibis for where they were during the window of time KJ had to have crawled into the mat and suffocated - it's all in the police reports but the Johnsons refuse to believe it - they refuse to stop asking for money to live on instead of going back to work and let justice run it's course."

The Johnsons have absolutely ZERO proof that the Bell children were involved in their son's fact, they couldn't have been, so please, leave the Bell family alone Kenneth and Jackie.  They cared for your son - what parent wouldn't hold them in high regard rather than try to ruin their lives.  Mr. Bell was one of the first 10 FBI on the scene on 911 - tasked with pulling first responders out of the ashes, some were his friends; he was instrumental in solving racially motivated church burnings in Shirley, Arkansas.  He's worked most of his career on civil rights cases - and this is how we, as a country, thank him?  You should be ashamed.

I think we need laws against this type of railroading of individuals.  There should be consequences for the civil rights attorneys and the family as well for continuing to perpetrate a hoax after authorities have made a decision.  Of course you have a right to pursue justice if you feel law enforcement was in error, but if you are wrong when you point the finger at individuals - you need to pay for the attorneys fees that the individuals have to endure.  You should also be made to pay back the tax payers the expense to investigate a case (by US Attorneys/DOJ), that was only taken because of public pressure...not on it's merits.

Too many individual's lives, jobs, and reputations are being ruined because people are  afraid to be called a racist for speaking up.  Well color me whatever name you'd like, I'm calling it like I see it...a hoax for money.  It is what it is.  I was right about the Trayvon Martin fiasco (although Trayvon's case was initially for political advantage but Sybrina saw $$),  and I'm right about this.

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