Saturday, March 29, 2014

Road Rage and Instant Gratification

Tampa, Florida: So, this woman was not driving fast enough for Mr. Redneck's taste, so he speeds up to intimidate her.

“I couldn't move over because there were trucks in the right lane, and I sure as heck wasn't going to speed on a rainy day with the roads being as slick as they were,”
When tailgating her for a full three minutes didn't make her speed up, he decided to pass her and give her the international sign of "I'm the number one dumbass on this  road".  Instead of lifting her finger in kind, she put her finger on the "record" button.  The rest is sweet Karma, caught on tape.

Jeffery Travis Wright, 33, was later arrested on several traffic violations, the woman was not ticketed or charged.  

Jeffery has been in trouble before. We found charges of battery, disorderly conduct and marijuana possession on his record.

The woman filming the video subsequently put it up on youtube and has been harassed by Internet trolls since:
From her youtube 'about' section: "While I'm completely humbled at how fast the internet has taken and run with this, it's quite scary. The comments, while most being funny and witty, some are hateful, vengeful, and heartbreaking. I would NEVER wish death upon anyone. I can't comprehend what would make a person say that to someone. It's nearly brought me to tears. I'm a very sensitive soul." 
Bad...very bad...but that's not all.  The scum media did her story, promising not to release her name because she TOLD them she was afraid for her safety.
More from her youtube site: "I would like to thank some of the folks I spoke with today via the phone. Inside Edition was amazing to interview with, both respectful and courteous. Todd Schnitt from the Schnitt Show, of which I'm a huge fan of, was AMAZING! Thank you so much. Cowhead (yes that's his name) from the Cowhead Show, thank you so much for being so cool. To all the local Tampa affiliates and everyone I mentioned above that respected my privacy I appreciate that. Unfortunately there are those in the media that have released my full name even after I asked them not to, hiding behind a "public record" excuse, you know who you are, that wasn't cool. And on top of that, they put my location too. Gee, I've already mentioned the people wishing death upon me, you just put my life at risk! Thanks for that."
Out of respect for her, any nasty or threatening comments targeting the young woman will be removed, she did NOTHING wrong.  Death threats, as always, are turned over to law enforcement.

Feel free to give the finger to Mr. Man though.