Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lowndes County Kendrick Johnson Death Investigation - Official Police Reports

A compilation of enlightening incident reports related to the Kendrick Johnson death investigation.

Some points of interest:
The sister of Kendrick Johnson, K. Choppa Johnson, confronted and attempted to assault a child she believed was involved in her brother's death.  I can't be sure, but I believe this is the kid that made some pretty nasty remarks on facebook.

Witnesses told detectives of a fight between Kendrick and another child which occurred on a school bus during a football game (date of incident not clear).  When Kendrick's father, Mr. Johnson was called for more information about the incident, he referred detectives to his attorney -- as did the father of the other child (guessing Bell is the father's last name?).

All students who were in the gym when Kendrick was found gave identical statements as to how his body was found and what happened immediately afterward.  These interviews were conducted almost immediately after his body was found.

Other Reports in Kendrick Johnson Case (From Nettles Forum)
Jan ’13 Incident Reports
Crime Lab Report
Mar ’13 Incident Reports
Apr ’13 incident Reports
May ’13 Incident Reports
June ’13 Incident Reports
Call Logs
DA Subpoenas
Family Attorney Correspondence (including independent autopsy)
Clearer copy of independent autopsy
GBI Coroner’s Report
GBI Medical Examiner’s Report (Autopsy)
Property Evidence Forms
Search Warrants