Saturday, November 22, 2014

Anonymous causes a car to crash into a utility pole

ferguson crash
Ferguson Anonymous ran into traffic and caused a car to crash into a utility pole 
The first video is a succession of stills from the video of an automobile crash that happened in Ferguson last night while protesters were walking illegally across a busy intersection.  They did not have the right of way, the light for oncoming traffic was green.  Watch the video below and see that two of the protesters, one wearing a Guy Fawkes mask (Anonymous), and another man yet to be identified, clearly escalated the situation and caused the crash by running into the traffic ahead of the others. Update: The anon protester was arrested but on other charges later last night.

car crash

The actual highlight video from Alex Jones livestream.  Aftermath and protesters saying "they gonna blame the protesters but that guy was runnin' a red light".

The media coverage is as to be expected, no mention of the protesters doing anything illegal. In fact, out of a full page story, this incident that could have ended up much worse, receives three sentences:
Ferguson experiences 3rd straight night of unrest
St. Louis County police said large groups of protesters blocked traffic three times in the St. Louis suburb Friday night. That happened twice near the police station and once on West Florissant Avenue, the site of violent protests soon after Brown's death. A motorist lost control and crashed into a light pole during the unrest on West Florissant. Protesters converged on the car, but no one was hurt. [link]