Friday, November 7, 2014

Kendrick Johnson Myth Busters

autopsy photos
Kendrick Johnson at Lowndes County High School shortly before his death

Myth Busted: "Hooked and Hoisted" into the Gym Mat

I was not even going to address this insanity until someone sent me Real Justice Now's "Hooked and Hoisted" theory re-posted to Jackie Johnson's facebook.  She appears to be so desperate to find evidence of murder, she is going to promote this inane theory that defies even the most remedial logic. Please scroll slowly as there are autopsy photos contained within the illustrations below. If, however, you choose not to look at them, you may miss the glaring ignorance of the theory.

The theory put forth by Real Justice now, and reiterated by the Kendrick Johnson Memorial Page, has been removed, but the equally sensational and myth filled follow-up, The Uneducated and Ignorant Exposed is still there.  Depiction of the first version is on full display in a recent post on Jackie Johnson's facebook.  The theory is that the incisions on KJ's back were not incisions at all, but rather "hook" marks where KJ was lifted and then lowered into the gym mat.  Other than being just blatantly ignorant, there are a couple of easy ways to disprove the tin-hat theory.  What is puzzling though, Jackie Johnson has possession of the autopsy photos.  She demanded they be released, so she is aware of the photographs that disprove the nutty theory.

Our aplogies for so many .pdf files, but I have no other way of warning the reader of graphic content.

WARNING: Graphic Photos

Based off this theory, Jonathan Burrs or Jose Velasquez, owners of, penned an open letter to Georgia Officials based on the autopsy photo of Johnson's back - at one point accusing the Georgia Bureau of Investigation medical examiner of malpractice for not noting the glaring injuries (hook wounds). It is a must read.

Basic common sense and other autopsy photos dispute the "hooked and hoisted" theory as well. Johnson was upside down in the gym mat when he was found. Had he been hoisted, with hooks in his back, and lowered, his feet would have gone in first.  Do not miss the comments on this theory, sad commentary on what African Americans are being led to believe about whites in the Country.

Myth Busted: Kendrick Johnson's Organs Were Harvested

Kendrick Johnson's body was transferred from the forensic lab in Valdosta to the GBI Medical examiner's office two days after he was found dead...which was at least 10-14 hours after he died of positional asphyxiation.  Unless the organs were harvested prior to his demise, or shortly thereafter, they would not, in any way, be viable for transplant.

 Kenneth Johnson talks about it here, starting at 3:00.  He also says that Kendrick's fingernails were cut off to the point of bleeding.  First of all, he would not have bled after death, secondly, see .pdf of autopsy photos below.

One very famous comedian/activist, Dick Gregory, feels that because the same funeral home was used for both Kendrick Johnson and Trayvon Martin, there could be a "organ harvesting" connection.


Benjamin Crump, the lawyer who helped focus national attention on the 2012 shooting death of Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, said the discovery raises questions about why Johnson's organs went missing and couldn't be examined in the follow-up autopsy the family requested.
"When you think about it logically, it seems to be some kind of conspiracy to conceal the truth about what happened to Kendrick and who did it to him," Crump said.

WCTV- Winnie Wright: " Kendrick Johnson's parents say they are outraged that their son's autopsy photos were leaked by an anonymous website.