Friday, October 31, 2014

Who are The Lost Voices for Michael Brown?

The Lost Voices at BET awards with Snoop Dog (photo not attributed)
Everyone remembers when "Dasha" from the Lost Voices group was arrested (lied about being hog-tied), when they were made to take their tents down in Ferguson, but you might not have thought much about where this rag-tag team of teens and young adults hail from.  It's complicated.  Listen to their story below...then read what I've been able to find out about the group's origins.  Did they actually "just happen to meet" while protesting one night?  I don't think so, I think this group was put together and those behind it are easily traced to Benjamin Crump and Russel Simmons, just the way Dream Defenders was connected to both.  I apologize if this seems confusing, but I strongly feel those following the case will make the connections, and hopefully add their own insight.

Lost Voices Video

Background and current information for "The Lost Voices":
Their names on Twitter are Tyler, Mel, Bud Cuzz, Cheyenne, Dasha, Steve, Ned, Low Key, and Travis

The address for Lost Voices traces to a Storage facility at  9291 W. Florissant Ave #626Ferguson, MO 63136 Phone: (314) 524-4140.  Hands Up United and Ferguson to Geneva traces to a shop at 9191 W. Florissant Ave, Ferguson, MO.,  240-619-9625.  They call themselves a non-profit on their facebook page, but I haven't been able to locate their non-profit information.
Ferguson to Geneva Area: WASHINGTON DC, DC County: Prince George's Line Type: Wireless
Number: 240-619-9625Area: WASHINGTON DC, DC County: Prince George's Line Type: Wireless
Admin Street: 9291 W. Florissant (Uhaul)Admin City:Ferguson
Admin State/Province:Missouri
Admin Phone:+1.2406199625
Number: 240-619-9625 also coincides with member "Travis" and Tuff Magazine owned by Charles Wade. (See PDF at end of article for more)

Thanks so much for the support , we really appreciate it @MU4MikeBrown
Skip to the Lou owns The Lost Boys website. 
B Gyrl (skiptothelou and 314-485-9630
Jihad H. Muhammad (Dynasty Hip-Hop Inc. Mentoring Program ) 314-599-1878  Skiptothelou twitter

The mantra of Jihad H. Muhammad is "Hip-Hop for Justice"
Owner of The Lost Voices is also associated with
St. Louis. Chicago. Atlanta. Dallas. LA. NYC. Email Phone 314.485.9630 © 2014 Skip to the Lou
(See PDF at end of article for website ownership information)
Another donation site
(See PDF at end of article for website ownership information)


Jihad Mohammed of Mosque No. 48 in Dallas and of SkiptotheLou/The Lost Voices, is a huge fan of Farrakhan
“The work of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan inspired us to do what we are doing,” explains James W. Muhammad, [Jihad Hasan] co-founder of Dynasty Hip Hop. [link]

Watch Minister's Farrakhan's warning about the death of Mike Brown here.

Some photos of the people associated with Skip to the Lou - Lost Voices

jihan muhammad

Bgyrl in Ferguson 
Bgryrl Profile

Benjamin Crump, family for Michael Brown's family at BET awards/Lost Voices 

The Lost Voices claimed they found a noose one morning outside their tents 

Finally, readers may recall the windfall for businesses that was approved not long ago to help the Ferguson area:

$200,000 in no-interest loans go to Ferguson-area businesses
A no-interest loan program set up to help businesses affected by the unrest in Ferguson has distributed $200,000 so far.
One of them is Missouri Home Therapy, at 9191 W. Florissant Ave (also the address for "Hands Up United")