Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mother of Kendrick Johnson blames entire Lowndes High School Wrestling Team for her son's death

lowndes wrestling team
Kendrick Johnson 
UPDATE:  Please see Adam Floyd's article in today's Valdosta Times:
On the day of the event, the wrestling team took the school’s first lunch session which lasts from 11:32 a.m. to 12:02 p.m. on Thursdays, said Turner. The team and coaches then boarded a bus and left for Macon, Turner said.
This information is off about an hour to the "approximate" time given to me by sources and mentioned in the video below.  Nevertheless, this time is many hours prior to the time Chevene King claims the bus left.  More after jump

Kendrick Johnson died of positional asphyxiation on January 10, 2013.  His story and all pertinent documents can be found in the tabs above under "Kendrick Johnson".

Since the day of his death, Johnson's mother has blamed the sons of FBI agent, Richard Bell, on the premise that the entire state of Georgia, including the Valdosta school system, and all Federal agencies would cover for him.  This, of course, is nonsense, especially when you consider the fact that the US Attorney, Michael Moore, sent the two boys and their father target letters.  Even so, they've never been questioned by anyone on Michael Moore's team who are "reviewing" the case...in fact, they've never been asked to come in or testify before the grand jury.  For whatever reason, the US Attorney is humoring the Johnson family and their lawyers.  There is not now, nor has there ever been, evidence of a murder.  It was an accident...yet a man who was elected to one of the highest offices in government, cannot bring himself to close the case. (Video after jump)

Millions are being spent in subpoenas, paperwork, and man hours...children's lives are being ruined by gossip on social media....yet this weasel of a man can't nut up and tell the Johnson's to accept the truth and go back to work.

The latest can be dismissed with a single tweet....see that tweet after the following video or it will not make much sense.  This is NOT just the press conference video...other information has been added.

I've been told by five different people the bus left at "approximately" 10:00 am.   My blog is set to CST.  Georgia is EST.  The time that shows up on my computer when I take a screenshot, and the time that shows up in my blog are different (both are set to CST), but either way - the bus left well before 4:00.  It takes about 2 1/2 hours to get from Valdosta to Macon.  They get off the bus, unload the bus, and the teams weigh in.  That is at least 3 1/2 - 4 hours.

Enough, seriously.


  1. Lady man whom ever you are shut the hell up.!! ... Weak ass ... Why are you still trying to make yourself relevant with this Kendrick Johnson case ... Ii mean you are that concern that you make up these ridiculous claims on your so called "BLOG" .... Get a life and find you something else to do and leave the Johnson family alone ... As for michael moore you idiot you don't work in this man office so you don't know what information he has ... That is the problem with our society today people voice their opinions about situations they know nothing about and have the nerve to feel their opinion is needed .... Bitch BYE.!

  2. Ah bless.....poor little tantrum thrower. Someone's panties are sure in a bunch! What's wrong Buttercup?? Fussy and mad because your "Hey look over here!!" pre$$ conference had a shitty 10-minute shelf life and went over like a lead balloon? Pissy because your "new revelation" was disproven with ONE tweet? Crabby because the whole pathetic media stunt revealed just how desperate you are to be relevant and newsworthy? I guess I don't need to tell you that your press conference was laughably bad and your "case development" was a big, fat DUD. This really isn't working out for you guys is it? Tsk tsk well damn those cold, hard facts..... always interfering with our scheme! Those cold, hard facts that prove KJ died as the result of an unfortunate accident are just...so.... racist!!

  3. Kj did not died in an accident. Someone is just covering up everything. The school os suppose to have cameras that show every little thing that happens in a gym. Where is the footage? Either the cameras didnt work or they are just not letting the footage come out. Cowards. If that was my son I would be trying to get justice as well.

  4. To the three about Anonymous. Listen to it all.........


  5. who pushes kendrick while he is in line at the 7:50 mark?


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