Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mystery Solved: There's Big Money in Harassing the Police

Bassem Masri videoing himself harassing officers in Ferguson

Well this certainly clears up why the protesters in Ferguson, and the agitators from out of town (Oakland), are willing to sleep in tents and storage facilities - the payoff could be millions, especially if they can harass the police into arresting or assaulting them.  Solves the mystery of why the police are being told not to pummel violent protesters like Bassem Masri.

  • 2004: New York City - $17.9 million to more than 1800  Republican National Convention protesters
  • Occupy protest Oakland, California: An Iraq War veteran injured by police - $4.5 million (struck in the head by beanbag fired by police)
  • November 2011: UC Davis Occupy - $1 million to 21 protesters who were pepper sprayed.  $30,000 per demonstrator, $250,000 in attorney fees.  The officer who pepper sprayed was fired.
  • Occupy Oakland: $1.1 million to protesters -Police misconduct 
  • Occupy Wall Street March: New York - $580,000 to 14 protesters who were wrongfully arrested 
  • New Hampshire:  Woman $57,000 for arrest stemming from videotaping a police stop.

These awards are in the context of much higher awards nationally for police misconduct. Chicago paid out $84 million in settlements for police abuse cases in 2013 alone.  Los Angeles paid out $54 million in settlements for police brutality in 2011. Bloomberg News estimated New York City has paid out as much as $735 million for police abuse claims in one year. [link]