Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Did William Anderson Willfully Mislead about GBI Autopsy of Kendrick Johnson?

Attorney Malik Shabazz and Attorney Benjamin Crump threatening a lawsuit
The Kendrick Johnson case has lost the interest of most of the public due to much of the public having the good common sense to know a shakedown when it sees one.  This does not mean people have no empathy or sympathy for Kendrick Johnson and the horrific way he died...or for his family and loved ones.  It is just that after being lied to about the Zimmerman case for nearly two years, and seeing the true facts presented in a court of law, people are less inclined to believe everything they are told, especially by Attorney Benjamin Crump, who once said his embellishment of facts and sometimes outright manufacturing of them, was for the greater good...a means to an end...winning by any means necessary.  Unfortunately honest players get hurt when the game is played dirty. Benjamin Crump, admittedly, plays dirty, as does the Johnson family lawyer, Chevene King.

An example of this was when Attorney Crump was  called out by State Attorney Norm Wolfinger for his blatant lies in a letter to the DOJ stating Wolfinger and George Zimmerman's father were at the police station the night Trayvon was killed  and decided on the spot not to arrest George Zimmerman, subsequently allowing him to go home with his gun.  When asked about this by Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Crump replied:

"It took our letter to get him [Wolfinger] to comment."

Means to an end.  So, according to Crump, you do what you gotta do, even accusing  a State Attorney of conspiracy and obstruction, to get what you want.  I would assume this is why he hired a less than scrupulous Medical Examiner -- he needed a result that would get attention, even if that result was false...
[William] Anderson, the forensic pathologist who performed the second autopsy on Johnson’s body, said that the teenager ‘was hit at least once in the neck.’ He claims that the area of Johnson’s neck that showed signs of trauma was ‘never dissected’ in the previous autopsy done by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. [link]
 But a judge agreed in May to exhume the body, and Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson hired Dr. William R. Anderson to provide a second opinion. The private pathologist presented a four-page report of his findings Aug. 15 saying he detected hemorrhaging on the right side of Johnson's neck. He concluded the teenager died from blunt force trauma near his carotid artery and that the fatal blow appeared to be nonaccidental. [link]
According the the GBI autopsy and the autopsy photos, Kendrick Johnson's neck was dissected, as noted and demonstrated, respectively.

WARNING:  These photos are very disturbing, but necessary for fact finding. I am linking to an outside website in order to make the reader take a couple of steps before actually clicking on the photos.  Please click here to see the neck dissection and what was thought to be "bruising" by the EMT.  (update, the link for the autopsy photo has changed. KJ's mother had a problem with me linking to it on my site, so I've linked to her twitter photo of the autopsy)

For reference when viewing the autopsy photo of Kendrick's neck dissection - Carotid Artery 

You can also see that there are many areas on Kendrick Johnson's body that appear to be bruising, especially to the untrained eye of an EMT.  No other areas were referred to as such by either Medical Examiner.

You can read more about the results of other autopsies HERE where "Positional Asphyxia" was determined to be the cause of death.  You will, if you are willing to open your mind and use your critical thinking skills and God-given common sense, see that Anderson's unfounded "blunt force trauma" determination on his second autopsy is without merit; it will become obvious the GBI determined the correct cause of death for Kendrick Johnson.

Anyone who wishes to view the autopsy pics may do so by request.  Please email renewsit@gmail.com and I will send you a link.  They would be too hurtful to Kendrick's family and friends to post publicly.

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