Monday, December 8, 2014

Benjamin Crump to represent family of Tamir Rice

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According to this report by ABC, Tamir Rice was "'playing' in the park with a pellet gun" and " a few seconds later, he 'falls'".  The reporter also says the officers left Rice on the ground bleeding, without medical attention, for "four minutes".  Tamir Rice's mother told ABC her 14 year old daughter was "tackled" and handcuffed by the cops that shot Tamir.

ABC, once again, jumps on Crump's bandwagon early and with as much spin as they have used in all of his other cases.  Tamir Rice was shot because he refused to drop the gun he was waving at people in the park that day.  Officers did not have time to inquire of Tamir whether or not his gun was real.  They did what any officer would have done under the same set of circumstances.

The family filed a wrongful death lawsuit on Friday, but the attorney listed is not Benjamin Crump, although he said on ABC this morning that he filed the suit:
Administrator of the Estate of Tamir
Rice, Deceased,
c/o David B. Malik
Attorney at Law
8437 Mayfield Rd. Suite 101
Chesterland, OH 44406
 /s/ Timothy J. Kuchaski
Timothy J. Kucharski (0062226)
Trial Attorney for Plaintiffs
1200 W. 3rd Street
st Floor, Suite #190
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
Ph. 216.623.6600/216.857.3001
Fax 216.574.9813
Lawsuit filed by Attorneys for the family of Tamir Rice

Thursday, the U.S. Justice Department released findings from a nearly two-year investigation of Cleveland police, which found its officers use excessive and unnecessary force far too often.
The report did not look into Tamir's death, but U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, while announcing the report's findings, said that the deaths of young blacks, including in New York City and Ferguson, Missouri, have raised urgent national questions about the sense of trust between police and communities. [Link]
I just almost can't anymore.