Tuesday, December 23, 2014

NYPD Shooter "Interstate Brinsley" aka Ismaaiyl Brinsley

"Interstate Brinsley"
Another name I found for the NYPD shooter, "Interstate Brinsley".  I wonder what the significance of this name is.  He also went by Ismaaiyl Brinsley and Ismaaiyl Abdullah Mohammad (according to a facebook page found by GotNews).

Interstate Brinsley
Managing Director & CEO at Minc & Co
Union City, GeorgiaDesign

Interstate Brinsley Soundcloud
Classmates Profile - Graduated from Willingboro High 2005

The only mention of  "Interstate Brinsley" I could find on Twitter was this tweet:

In today's news on the NYPD officer slayings:

NYPD said today there is video from a December 1 rally for Mike Brown, & Eric Garner on Brinsley's phone.
“He talks about Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin, as I said. We’ve recovered his cellphone from Baltimore. There’s over several thousand images on it. We’re paring down that as well. One of the cellphone images that we have is a video from Union Square Park where he is a spectator watching one of the protests. We date that around December 1st.”
Police also say, according to his family, Brinsley tried to kill himself about a year ago.

Quote of the day:
"I think he had problems in his life he blamed on police and the system," she said
Of course he did.  It's been pounded into every young black man's head that he doesn't make his luck, society does.  When he was arrested for assault it was the officer's fault...same with the trumped up "larceny" charge.