Monday, December 8, 2014

Shaun King and Tamir Rice fundraiser UPDATE

Attorney Benjamin Crump responded to a question that was asked of him today by someone who wondered if the fundraiser for Tamir Rice is legitimate NOW.

"Can you tell me if the funds being raised in Tamir's name on @youcaring is going straight to the family"
Crump's answer: "Yes, directly"
 His answer did not address who is in charge of the fundraiser now.  Crump was not the attorney of record for the Rice family when the fundraiser was set up by Shaun King.  I spoke to the attorney of record, Timothy (Tim) Kucharski, and he told me the fundraiser, which included funds to help with funeral arrangements, was not authorized by anyone, including the family and himself.  He said I could quote him, which I did on Twitter and have been called a liar by Shaun King since.

My phone call on Saturday to Attorney Kucharski
Whatever, if anything, Shaun King and Crump had set up at that point was obviously not known to Kucharski.  This is hardly surprising since Crump is as much of a snake as King is.

By the way, NO ONE tried to get the site taken down except for the attorney I talked to the morning the site went up, he told me he had contacted @youcaring and told them to take it down. This is just Shaun King using the race card to make himself seem more legitimate.  Crump is not saying the site is still being run by King, or when the family took over the money.  Either way, someone is not being truthful.  I have a feeling the case was taken out from under the other attorney before he even knew what was happening.
Also notice, Shaun has not asked once since Saturday for contributions to the fundraising site...wonder why?

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