Sunday, October 19, 2014

Exclusive: Video proof of Cop wearing Darren Wilson bracelet

I, along with a few others, were wrong, the photo of the bracelet was not photoshopped.  With all the speculation that went on for days, I do not understand why this person didn't just offer up the video proof.

The news of the of officer wearing the Darren Wilson bracelet spread over the Internet and even on National news within minutes after the photo was posted.

I honestly don't see anything wrong with officers wearing the bracelet.  Wilson did not murder Mike Brown.  Why is it ok that thugs, like the one who attacked Wilson, are allowed to wear "I am Mike Brown" and "Fuck the Police" shirts and pins?
Peaceful protester spit in the face of a white man for no reason
Today at the Ram's game a "peaceful protester" was yelling "Fuck all ya'll white motherfuckers" and spit in the face of a Ram's fan.  She was immediately arrested.   I'll look for this on CNN tomorrow.  Click the link below for the thug spitting video.