Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kendrick Johnson Movie to premiere in Valdosta, Georgia

Caliph Shaquel
Apparently a movie crew has been in Valdosta, Georgia for the past month making a movie about the Kendrick Johnson case.  They've interviewed people and officials from both sides of the case.

Interview with Caliph Shaquel
In this Episode i talk about my trip with Mr Shaquel to Valdosta, Ga. To shoot a movie about the (Kendrick Johnson), case and learn from the people their. How it's going down in Valdosta
Kendrick's Law was inspired by 4th Amendment staff while shooting the documentary in Valdosta Ga. We will be premiering the film in Nov. in Valdosta. Titled Unfortunate, What happened to Kendrick Johnson.
Direct link to interview 

I have a few problems with this interview, but I am told to hold off judgment by someone who was interviewed by Caliph.  I will say he is wrong about the Coroner being able to arrest the Sheriff - not true.  I also have a problem with his use of Attorney Benjamin Crump's term:
“It is absolutely mind boggling that this is a real life murder mystery, and that’s the tragedy of it. Because it’s not a fiction that his parents sent him to school with a book bag and then the next day Kendrick was returned to them in a body bag, with the school and the medical examiner and the Sheriff’s department concluding that his death was an accident…” [link]
Leave a comment, which way do you think this movie will go judging from this interview? ...fair, biased?

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