Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ferguson Activist dislikes the taste of her own medicine

Leigh Maibes, aka @stackizshort
Leigh Maibes, an outspoken protester/activist for the Michael Brown movement got her granny panties twisted by an officer with the St. Louis Police Department.  She says her Twitter account was completely anonymous until two days ago, when her identity, Short Stack/@stackizshort, was compromised by a troll.

Short Stack  posted a video Wednesday night of her calling and confronting the Police officer, Keith Novara. Maibes, clearly upset, says the officer called her job the day before to tell her boss about her activism.

Actually, Maibes complained about her job being effected by "smear tactics" two weeks ago and gave her own name out on the 13th.

Video" “You know that this to me feels like intimidation because you are an officer that patrols my area and an officer who I’ve also had contact with while trying to resolve some issues on my street,” she tells the officer in the video.
Officer Novara says he called her work to let her boss know that he might be getting calls about her and her Twitter activity.
“Some of the tweets and some of the… things.. that I was seeing… was just.. inciteful,” he says. He adds that some of the material seems “anti-police.”
Could this be some of the "anti-police" tweets Novara mentioned?
A promised, the St. Louis Police Officers Association has released this statement is response to the video and Navarro's call:
“We’ve confirmed that a complaint was filed with Internal Affairs against our member, Keith Novara,” SLPOA Business Manager Jeff Roorda acknowledged.  “The Association has hired an attorney that specializes in First Amendment rights to represent Officer Novara.  It is confounding to us as an organization of law enforcement professionals that apologists for the so-called ‘peaceful protestors’ in Ferguson and the Shaw neighborhood defend throwing bricks, bottles and rocks at police officers as ‘freedom of speech or freedom of expression’.  Then, those very same people feign righteous indignation when a police officer who is fed up with the corrosive, anti-police rhetoric that this particular agitator has made in a public forum on social media, exercises his freedom of speech and freedom of expression in a truly peaceful manner.”  
Roorda continued, “today Officer Novara joined the ranks of law enforcement officers and police union officials who have received death threats, had threats made against their children or been subject to cyber-attacks.  All of this for the mere act of setting the record straight on public statements made by people spreading irresponsible lies and calling for violence against the police.  Police Officers are not second-class citizens.  They enjoy First Amendment rights and every other right that is enjoyed by every other citizens and we will aggressively defend those rights to our last breath.”
Here she admits to trying to get the officer fired for warning her employer of her tweets and involvement in so-called "peaceful" protests
Anonymous tweets out the phone number and email address for Navarro
Leigh was a streamer for Argus Radio - the owner is a registered sex offender and was recently outed by so called "trolls".  Damn them for looking out for the best interest of the public.
Before I had a chance to tweet this post out, Maebis commented saying she meant her "mother" was single, giving her the benefit of the doubt, I will retract the tweets and my snarky comment.


  1. I meant my mother was a single mom, with no money for college. 140 characters to get a point across, and I was flustered. Sheesh


  2. Retracted - thank you for reading and commenting.

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  4. I would appreciate being left out of all future discussions pertaining to this matter. I don't understand what my previously being a divorced single mother has to do with this story.

    Leigh is an adult, and while we don't always agree on civil/political issues, I support her right of free speech. Her decision to protest is just that, her decision.

    Regarding my opinion on officer Novara calling Leigh's boss...

    "It was a cheap shot and cowardly, very unprofessional, and he crossed the line. He could have picked up the phone and had a personal conversation with her, she's not an unreasonable person."

    Both Leigh and Officer Novara are in my thoughts and prayers as I pray for their safety and to a reasonable resolution of this conflict.


    Leigh's mother.


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