Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Re-newsit is going to be sued by the Kendrick Johnson family attorney!!

The Johnsons (Kendrick Johnson's parents), being the Johnsons whined to a gullible reporter today who took pity on them and came after me with this article.
"My sister was going online to look for the shoe; what KJ was alledgedly looking for, and she scrolled over and there was a picture of Kendrick's autopsy on the page", says Jackie Johnson, Kendrick's Mother.
Johnson says she blocked the website's host on Twitter after constant harassment, and doesn't know why the webmaster is attacking her family. She adds, "It's hurtful, because that's still my child at the end of the day, and who that has a heart could do something like that?"

For more on the WCTV segment on the autopsy photos, click HERE
Anonymous site? Of course Jackie Johnson has absolutely no proof that I have ever harassed her, much less that I have harassed her constantly on twitter.  As for the reporter,she emailed me and one hour later threw up this ridiculous article without waiting for comment.  I'm guessing that's about as long as she researched the law and where else these pictures could be found.  When I posted the photos I made sure they were behind a warning...that the person about to view them had a choice NOT to click on the photo.  Jackie has never acted with such discretion.  She has been parading the autopsy photo of her son, with his scalp peeled back,  around downtown Valdosta for almost two years.

Legal trouble?  I hardly think so, this would never hold up in court, but please, give it a shot Mr. Chevene King...I'd love to know where the Johnson's autopsy photo came from and I'm sure this information would be subject to discovery.

 If this reporter had done her job she would have researched and found that Jackie Johnson asked for all of the case file be released, unredacted, over two years ago.  Her request was granted.


HLN Autopsy photos 

And the imbeciles weigh in..

Never mind that this is the tweet she has "pinned" to her twitter feed:

The Meredith Emerson Memorial Privacy Act does not refer to autopsy photos.

As for crime scene photos, those have been published countless times, and re-newsit was by no means the first to have them.  In fact, I got the case file rather late.

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