Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Re-newsit is going to be sued by the Kendrick Johnson family attorney!!

The Johnsons (Kendrick Johnson's parents), being the Johnsons whined to a gullible reporter today who took pity on them and came after me with this article.
"My sister was going online to look for the shoe; what KJ was alledgedly looking for, and she scrolled over and there was a picture of Kendrick's autopsy on the page", says Jackie Johnson, Kendrick's Mother.
Johnson says she blocked the website's host on Twitter after constant harassment, and doesn't know why the webmaster is attacking her family. She adds, "It's hurtful, because that's still my child at the end of the day, and who that has a heart could do something like that?"

For more on the WCTV segment on the autopsy photos, click HERE
Anonymous site? Of course Jackie Johnson has absolutely no proof that I have ever harassed her, much less that I have harassed her constantly on twitter.  As for the reporter,she emailed me and one hour later threw up this ridiculous article without waiting for comment.  I'm guessing that's about as long as she researched the law and where else these pictures could be found.  When I posted the photos I made sure they were behind a warning...that the person about to view them had a choice NOT to click on the photo.  Jackie has never acted with such discretion.  She has been parading the autopsy photo of her son, with his scalp peeled back,  around downtown Valdosta for almost two years.

Legal trouble?  I hardly think so, this would never hold up in court, but please, give it a shot Mr. Chevene King...I'd love to know where the Johnson's autopsy photo came from and I'm sure this information would be subject to discovery.

 If this reporter had done her job she would have researched and found that Jackie Johnson asked for all of the case file be released, unredacted, over two years ago.  Her request was granted.


HLN Autopsy photos 

And the imbeciles weigh in..

Never mind that this is the tweet she has "pinned" to her twitter feed:

The Meredith Emerson Memorial Privacy Act does not refer to autopsy photos.

As for crime scene photos, those have been published countless times, and re-newsit was by no means the first to have them.  In fact, I got the case file rather late.

More on the Kendrick Johnson case


  1. It's so disturbing to see the rabid and delusional "Justice for KJ" race-hoaxers circling back upon you like hostile sharks. I'm personally angered by their thuggish behavior, but like you, I'm not without sympathy for their loss. No parent should ever have to bury their child. Period. But the fact remains that KJ's tragic death was entirely accidental, and no amount of grief and anger can ever justify the false and malicious framing of another family's innocent child(ren) for a so-called "murder" that didn't occur. It's reprehensible and criminal behavior. Particularly when there is zero evidence of a murder.
    I remain utterly disgusted by those who are just too damn arrogant to ever admit that they were/are WRONG about what happened to KJ, and now are also WRONG about the "Gentle Giant" THUG Mike Brown.
    (((Sigh))).....we all know the list of usual suspects....the protesters, the agitators, the perpetually "aggrieved" "poor us" victim types....many of them black racists who truly HATE all Caucasians (except when it comes to their useful white-guilt idiot pals who cater to their overblown egos)! I'm so sorry you have to put up with the loudmouth WHINE brigade. Just sick!

    *It probably goes without saying but please be aware/cautious of one particularly nasty, vengeful and HUGELY RACIST blogger/tweeter whose true colours are really showing lately. (Think giant ass hanging out in the breeze LOL!). This arrogant, pissy old crone isn't the harmless hippy-dippy, peace-lovin', (Black) Butterfly lover she pretends to be. A few of us have been able to peek behind her buttoned-up account and holy shyte she's up to some no-good f*ckery! The b*tch is 100% in league with the recently-fired-from-her-job nutcase as well as the worst of the worst Ferguson A-hole agitators. What a damn cop hater.
    It's sickening. One of the worst.....hands down. IMO she's totally VILE.

    1. Anyone with half a brain can see that this was no accident. You wouldn't know the first thing about doctoring, examining, and cause. So stop guessing and infiltrating. Leave this family alone and keep your stupid comments to yourself.

  2. There's a difference between what has been posted by his mother and what has been just posted by you (a pretty ugly picture).

    Would you want that kind of picture plastered all over the internet of a family member without forewarning. Never mind the law. Let's think common decency.

  3. The funniest development is that the paranoid and irrational hordes are now claiming that KJ was hung upside down by hooks inserted through his neck and back in order to steal his organs. They don't understand (or choose to ignore) that this picture is an AUTOPSY photo, taken by the medical examiner to document the pathology findings and examination of the body. This is not how his corpse was found, retards. I don't think the Johnsons are even dumb enough to believe that.

  4. Never one to miss an opportunity to reach deep into the pockets of his idiotic readers and multiple sock puppet accounts, it seems you have once again drawn the ire of Frederick Leatherman with a post dedicated to this non-story. Seems when he isn't running away from the fake boogey-men in Paducah, he's still flinging the same hate filled feces at others.

  5. 10/29 @9:16

    Nailed it! Thank You

    The absurdly racially-biased world of Xena the Great includes such lowlights as--
    *only AA's are eligible to be true actual victims
    *only AA's are oppressed (apparently every single minute of every single day and night!!).
    *only AA's have the right to receive generational welfare handouts (cuz you know....slavery!).
    *only AA's know what it's like to be victims of violent crime (cuz you know....white people are evil! and slavery!)
    *only AA's are discriminated against (cuz you know--all of the above! and slavery!)
    *hear her out peeps!! There is no such thing as an AA criminal in any sense if the word! (cuz you know.....Xena said so! and slavery).
    *The greatest threat to the well-being of all AA's is apparently those evil white police! (hmmm funny I thought reality teaches us that OTHER AAs are the greatest threat to AA's!!)
    Pssst hey you two self-hating white liberal loonies that post on her're being used as useful idiots LOL! To each their own I guess!! "HEH".....


  6. REPLY TO: October 29, 2014 at 11:54 PM:
    No, big difference, the photos were not even on renewsit's page...there was a link to a page that had a disclaimer...then you had to CHOOSE to open the photos. Jackie Johnson, on the other hand, has the photos plastered all over her twitter and KJ page. How on earth does a mother do that?

  7. Admin at Kendrick Johnson Memorial posted this today:

    KENDRICK JOHNSON MEMORIAL KJ was lynched and strung up with some type of large hooks and ropes. He was initially found like that, taken down and rolled up in a mat by corrupt law enforcement and public school administrators in a feeble attempt to make it appear to be a freak accident.
    1 · about an hour ago

  8. Sickening. The whole stupid lot of them. Twitter assholes who glorify and celebrate black criminal thug behavior while conveniently ignoring reality!!!
    Charles Barkley recently explained why "we as black people are never going to be successful." His reasoning is painful (esp for the "Saint Trayvon", "poor murdered Kendrick" and "He was a Gentle Giant Mike" idiots): "We as black people are never going to be successful, not because of you white people, but because of other black people. When you are black, you have to deal with so much crap in your life from other black people," Barkley said. Well said!!!!
    Barkley goes on to say that "African Americans are too concerned with street cred than true success and that's holding the community back". How true!!!
    It's just so convenient to blame all of the problems of the black community on those horrible white oppressors now isn't it you race baiters!!? How neat and tidy to completely ignore the rampant lawlessness and irresponsibility found in many black communities when so-called blame can just be shifted to whitey?!!.
    The more the twitter lynch mob try to demonize Officer Darren Wilson, the more ridiculous and desperate they appear. No matter how much they lie, manipulate, exhaust that damn overplayed race card and whine about those awful racist cops (((eye roll and SMH)))...they're not going to change the fact that Officer Wilson was completely justified in the shooting death of Mike Brown.

  9. Anyone stupid and naive enough to believe the wild ass tales and total bullshit stories coming from shyster beggars Fred and Crane deserve to lose their pissant disability checks!! What a pair of shameless liars they are! Anything for a buck.. right losers?
    LMMFAO---oh those two---soaked in the stench of cheap booze, smelly dumpsters and looney liberal mediocrity. EVERY LAST DETAIL of the "we fled KY for our lives" tale of escaping an organized gang of conspiratorial tormentors reads like a crappy dollar-store reject novel.
    It's laugh out loud funny! Fred and Crane---the shady opportunists they are---are still pandering to whatever angry group they believe will cough up the most cash for them. Hence the stupid "Justice for ____ " fill-in-the-blank thug martyr beg-fests.

  10. Faketony
    I did see that, I've been posting screenshots of it all morning. How absolutely insane and the stupidity is mortifying. Benjamin Crump just watches all his circus performers and takes a long drag off his expensive cigar...all his grateful slaves doing his bidding. The very think AA's rail against, he easily commands of some of them.

  11. "Charles Barkley recently explained why "we as black people are never going to be successful."

    I missed this but I am going to read the article now. I'll be surprised if he's not found apologizing for it later though. Thanks!

  12. "I don't think the Johnsons are even dumb enough to believe that."

    I don't see them objecting to it.

  13. "LMMFAO---oh those two---soaked in the stench of cheap booze, smelly dumpsters and looney liberal mediocrity."

    Well said!

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. To the Anon at 11:54.

    Did the parents give warning or make people pass through a couple of steps before viewing the even further decomposed face of KJ? Just askin?

    What is the " difference between what has been posted by his mother and what has been just posted by you (a pretty ugly picture)." Im sure you will have a cogent answer to that question.

    Finally to the person who feels their pure anger burning so brightly they can't put their name on a comment (Anon 11:54) have not the parents published, promoted and post the significantly more horrifying picture of their child at least 100 more frequently than VP?

    I look forward to your response Anon 11:54.

    Thanks for the kind words the other day Faketoney.

    Jim Moran

  16. Mr. Moran,
    I'm not the Anon 11:54..... but I wanted to agree with everything you wrote. Well said!


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