Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PI: US Attorney Michael Moore opens an investigation based on Rumor

Jackie Johnson and daughter Kenyetta attend fund raiser, pictured here with Jamie Foxx
In an article that came out today in the Valdosta Daily Times, Beau Webster, a private investigator who worked for, but was never paid by (save for initial stipend), the family of Kendrick Johnson says he gathered evidence from students and the Johnson family, and little more. Frederic Rosen, who Beau Webster introduced to the Johnson family, used their "feelings" and their theories to write his articles (now pulled), for Ebony Magazine, online.  Both Ebony and Fredric Rosen are being sued by the Bell family whose sons they defamed in those articles.

Jealousy over the athletic accomplishments (football), is said to have been one of the Johnson family's motives for blaming the Bell boys for KJ's death.  I tended not to agree at first, not until a write up for Brian Bell came out in a Valdosta Times, putting a spotlight on Brian's accomplishments at a recent game - the very next day Jackie Johnson, Kendrick's mother, put up a new facebook avatar:

Jackie Johnson posted this avatar on her FB page, even though a relative plays for the Vikings
 "Johnson’s parents insist their son was murdered, and that school officials and investigators covered up the crime."
And on this, the US Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, Michael Moore, launched a review that has cost the Georgia tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars, manpower that could have been used for other cases, and have made the FBI look foolish. I have a feeling this is not going to get better before it gets worse...just a hunch.

Fredric Rosen (Ebony), went strictly by what the Johnson family and Beau Webster told him, and very little else.  This is clear when you listen to an interview with Rosen on the Dan Zupansky  radio show.  One of my favorite lines from this broadcast is when Rosen challenges the Georgia Bureau of Investigation: "if they don't like what I'm saying, tell them to come and get me, make my day".  Careful what you ask for there champ...Ebony and Rosen are being sued by the Bell family for $5 million dollars.

Webster lied about never having seen the evidence in the case, he received the evidence, according to ADAM, in August, 2013.

All these clowns are throwing each other under the bus while Attorney Benjamin Crump laughs all the way to the bank, jabbering about non-existent "edits" on school video tapes.

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