Thursday, September 25, 2014

What Actually Happened: Charles Smith shooting in Savannah, Georgia

Charles Smith Prison Selfie
About 2 1/2 weeks before Charles Smith was arrested and shot to death he was wanted  in connection to a police chase.  On Sept. 1, Savannah police received a call that several men were standing around a white Lexus on Damon Street and witnesses saw they had guns. When officers arrived on the scene, they ran the tags on the Lexus and found it had been reported stolen.

Before officers could speak with the driver, he took off down Mell Street, flying through stop signs as he sped away from Police. Later that day officers received a dispatch that there had been a hit and run on Mell street, the caller and witnesses said it was a white Lexus that side-swiped a vehicle.

An hour later Police stopped the vehicle near an apartment community on West Bay Street. The driver, once again, fled before Police could make contact with him.  The car spun off and ran more stop signs, endangering the public, while going down Damon Street. At one point the car made its way to East Lathrop where the Metro police station is located.  An officer standing outside the precinct at the time saw the vehicle drive by.

A few days later, Police were able to identify the driver as Charles Smith by using a Police database system.

Almost two weeks later, police and U.S. Marshalls spotted Smith in a Convenience store and arrested him on warrants pertaining to the initial incidents of September 1, including stolen plates, hit and run, and reckless driving.

Charles Smith Arrest Video - LINK 

Police at the scene testified they placed the suspect, Charles Smith, under arrest but he got out of his handcuffs, kicked out the window of officer David Jannot’s police cruiser and tried to escape while armed.  That is when Officer David Jannot shot and killed Smith.

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