Saturday, September 27, 2014

Realtor Beverly Carter, 51, shows a house and disappears

Pulaski County deputies are searching Friday for a real estate agent who disappeared after going to show a house.

Beverly Carter, 51 (we've verified her DOB), of Scott Arkansas, was last heard from when she called her husband, Carl Carter, about 5:30 p.m. Thursday to say she was going to show a home at 14202 Old River Drive in Scott.  Beverly is a real estatet for Crye Leike Realtors, 
Carl Carter told deputies that he became worried about 9 p.m. when he hadn’t heard from his wife, so he went to the address to check on her, the report states. There, he found her brown Cadillac sport utility vehicle parked in the driveway with her purse inside it and saw the door to the home standing open, deputies said. Carl Carter searched for his wife inside the house but didn’t find her. Nothing seemed to be missing from her purse, but deputies couldn't find the home's door lock, according to the report. [link]
Beverly Carter was last seen wearing a black sleeveless shirt and red shorts.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is urged to call the Pulaski County sheriff’s office’s 24-hour communications number, (501) 340-6963; its criminal investigations division, (501) 340-6940; or the central Arkansas CrimeStoppers tip line, (501) 340-8477.

A Facebook post reads:
The following quotes come from a close friend/coworker of the missing woman:
"I was texting with her at 7:30 last night, but police don't know if it was actually her."
"A source saw a truck at the house Beverly was showing. It was an older model (kind of beat up) Slate Gray extended-cab pickup truck with 2 doors!"
"They have evidence that her phone was used on Baucum Road [rural east NLR], then Roosevelt Road."  
An address and phone number that is associated with Carl Carter, Beverly's husband
Carl Carter said he received texts around 1 AM; but they did not sound like they came from her. "All of a sudden I received three texts in a row. One said 'Yes.'… Then she sent another text that said, 'My phone's low. The battery's down, and I'll call you whenever I get signal.' …And, then, straight back-to-back, I received a text that said 'Oh, I'm out drinking with some friends,'" he recited. "Beverly's not a drinker.  A witness said he saw a tall, skinny white man in the slate gray truck, parked in the driveway of the home Beverly was supposed to be showing. 
Carl Lynn Carter, Beverly Carter's husband
Home Carter was showing: 14202 Old River Drive, Scott, Arkansas
Carter's Home address: 12927 Lower Steel Bend Rd, Scott, AR 72142

Fund established to help find Beverly Carter 


  1. seems when the spouse gets on TV within the first day or two and also is pretty quick to refer to the missing person as "my wife/husband of x years," there is more to the story. I'm not making accusations but will say I won't be surprised if we learn the hubby is involved. I would put money on it. all my prayers for Beverly Carter.

  2. What is the husband's middle name & age please?

  3. Probably not the same man but this happened in Arkansas, this year, and no picture or any follow up.
    Police pose as teen to arrest local man :

  4. Carl Lynn Carter 5/29/1960
    Beverly L Carter 12/20/1963
    She was 16 and he was 19 when they married

  5. I love how fucking anonymous assholes want to always jump on the "husband did it" bandwagon with zero evidence because they don't like the husband's reactions on a TV interview. How's your dumbass theory working out now?

  6. Funeral services:

  7. "Carter’s body was discovered inside a shallow grave at the Argos Concrete Company, which is located around 20 miles from the city of Scott, Arkansas, where Carter was scheduled to show a house that was up for sale. Numerous media sources have reported that (Aaron, the murderer) Lewis was once employed at the concrete company."

  8. My apologies for the "murder for hire" or "husband did it" bend....I am truly sorry. My prayers are with this family.


  9. I think the Husband had something. To do with it to. I don't. Think Arron killed her he.worked for that concrete. Company for a while then quit like that I'm. Thinking the Husband approach him oneday and told him that he got a job for him and that's. Why he quit his job.and the wife have Life insurance maybe i'm. Wrong but, then I had a dream one night that I seen the Husband Carl coming out of a house with the door wide open and I Sen a brown four door Jeep in the driveway. And the doors on the jeep was wide open. And, I tried to how from him like I was scared.they need to do DNA Test on the Husband see if he goes by the name Trevor or was the Husband in the military. Or army. Because. He looks like he was.much love to Beverly Carter and her family.God sees all he will bring true Justice to her and her son's.


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