Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ebony Online pulls Fred Rosen's articles on Kendrick Johnson's Death

People "made a difference" based on fabricated "facts" about fabricated "suspects" in articles written by you, Mr. Rosen, which have all now been taken down.  I've blogged about a lot of cases and I've never seen Ebony completely pull any of their articles without explanation - perhaps such will be coming soon.  In the meantime, I can only venture to guess they were taken down under threat of a lawsuit by people alluded to as "suspects" in the articles.  I will also venture to guess Ebony verified with the Federal agency reviewing the case that there are no suspects - never have been, never will be.  If there were any truth to the articles, as regards suspects....even the slightest chance for wiggle room, I highly doubt they would have been pulled ALL the articles by Rosen.  Again, just my take.

Apparently Victor Blackwell is out of the loop as well because he called an attorney today to inquire as to the reason the Rosen articles were taken down.   Surely his first call would have been to Ebony and/or Johnson Publishing, so why did he need to call this attorney?  Again, just a guess here, but if there is a lawsuit, they would not be talking to Victor Blackwell or anyone from the media about it.

There have never been suspects or persons of interest in this case because there was no "murder".  Kendrick Johnson died because he thought he could retrieve a shoe in a vertically placed cheerleading mat.  There is zero evidence of  his untimely death being anything other than a tragic, freak accident.

Victor Blackwell has had the facts of this case for many months, he would have to be a complete imbecile to believe there is evidence of a murder.  He has stated several times that he has actually read the case file and watched the crime scene video.  An imbecile or he has an agenda.  Either way, it's time for him to come clean about the case or walk away, no one credible is going to tell him what he wants to hear at this point, and he doesn't seem interested in the truth.

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