Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ferguson Protesters claim they were mowed down by the KKK

Christopher Wood, aka Woo, being arrested for disobedience
Today at the "peaceful rally" for Michael Brown, protesters stood in front of cars and stopped traffic to show their solidarity with the deceased Brown, and to demand the arrest of Officer Darren Wilson who shot Brown on August 9, 2014. Suddenly, all hell broke loose...see the video here.

Well Maria, the man's last name is Cohn...pretty sure he's Jewish.

At 1:54 in this video from Fox, you see Jerika Tyler, one of the "peaceful protesters", tell the reporter that she was "bumped" by the car and that the driver (Dereck Cohn), was smiling and calling out their names....
Not sure how Jerika or Wood could have been "run over" since the car, circled, had stopped
Above is a photo of Tyler behind Christopher Wood, who is in front of the car...she could not possibly have been bumped.  Tyler strikes me as someone who might anger quickly and then fib about the circumstances surrounding her bad behavior, even when there might be video proof:
Teens accused of beating woman
Three teenagers were arrested for allegedly beating a woman at the Walmart at 2760 N. Dirksen Parkway during the weekend.
Arrested were Jerika C. Tyler and Ayanna Scott, both 18 and both of the 1700 block of East Carpenter Street, and another teenager who was not identified because she is a juvenile.
The victim told police she walked into the store and was confronted by the three women, two of whom she knew as Tyler and Scott. She said Scott punched her and that she started fighting back. All three of the women jumped her, and one of them stole her purse, the woman said.
Officers said the store’s video surveillance confirmed the victim’s account. [Link]
In another article:
“Mike Brown is not the first one,” said protester Jerika Tyler. “This is not just for Mike Brown. This has gotten too far.”
Many at the protest, including Tyler, spoke of being harassed by area police. [Link]
Jerika Tyler
She means harrassed when she's just trying to get her jacket on at Walmart.  Chances are Jerika Tyler, Christopher Wood, and the cameraman, Mustaffa Hussein, will sue the driver.  Again, the video will, hopefully, bite her in the bum and maybe, hopefully, the driver, Mr. Cohn, will sue the angry white dude...when he gets out of the hospital...
[The name "Malouf" is incorrect above .. LINK to more action packed protests]

Mustaffa Hussein
Apparently Mr. Hussein has reading comprehension problems...clearly the caption to the above screenshot says "Hussein" is the cameraman, not the angry white for anyone else with reading comprehension issues...I hope this clears it up. If Mr. Hussein is not the cameraman, it really doesn't matter because NO ONE was injured by Mr. Cohn, it was all a show.

Meanwhile back at the rally for Darren Wilson....