Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Who is George Zimmerman's ex-girlfriend Samantha Scheibe?

Samantha Scheibe/Mason Twitter Account (verified)

George Zimmerman, 31 year old Sanford, Florida resident acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, was arrested yesterday following a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe.

Zimmerman was charged Monday with aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief after his 27-year-old girlfriend called 911.

 George Zimmerman Arrest report, 911 calls, and Police Press Conference

I find this incident hinky.  Something just isn't right, but I can't put my finger on what. Here are a few things that bug me about the 911 call made by Scheibe:

1.  She tells dispatch George was pointing a "Keltec" shotgun at her and telling her she "didn't want to do that" when she told him she was going to dial 911.  First of all, the Keltec is the gun he shot Trayvon Martin with when he was being attacked.  Secondly, who does that...a gun is pointed at you and you dial anyway?
2. Scheibe tells dispatch George is locking her out of her own house, yet when police arrive she hands them a key.
3. She tells dispatch George "has nothing to lose" at this point when asked if he had come outside.
4. George is heard on her call telling her to calm down, yet she keeps acting hysterical and then said he pushed her.
5.  She tells dispatch she is "next door" - who's next door and how did she get in...she's never heard knocking or speaking to anyone else.

Then there's George telling dispatch on his own 911 call that Samantha is pregnant.  Scheibe tells police she is not. During the bond hearing today the prosecutor told the Judge that Samantha is claiming abuse by George in the form of being strangled 11/2 weeks ago.  The Judge bought it and increased George's bail.  I could not have been more blown away that a Judge would take her word with zero proof. The guy can't catch a break.
I might be losing it, but I see Christi O'Conner's signature all over this one....just like she's been involved before with Shellie Zimmerman's domestic call. She tweeted the above at 1:11 PM EST - Zimmerman's hadn't even been charged yet.

So, I decided to see who Samantha is, where she came from - I didn't find anything earth-shattering, but some points of interest, to be sure.  I'll update should I find more later - check back.

DL: Scheibe, Samantha Michelle 101 xxx AVE Altamonte Springs, Fla 4/26/1988

Hope Mason
26 April via iOS
27 years ago today I was blessed with an amazing daughter and now friend! I love you Samantha Scheibe!!! — with Samantha Scheibe.
Samantha also goes by Samantha Mason.

May 2012, Samantha gave her address as 101 xxx AVE, Altamonte Springs, Florida.  Apparently she never changed her address when she moved to the house with George. 

Samantha's sister (Allie) posted to Facebook they were in Cedar on 11/16 - no mention of George.
Samantha Scheibe
M*** T** P** and E*** P** 
Olivia J** Mason - Sister 
C*** C*** - A**'s Boyfriend
Hope Mason - Samantha's mother
XXXX Mason-Scheibe (Samantha's little girl who has an open facebook that her mother knows about and comments on)
Little girls should NEVER have public facebook pages.
Mason is, from what I have gathered, Samantha's maiden name and Scheibe was her mother's married name.  Still not sure who the father of the little girl is.

Paul David Scheibe - Samantha's dad
Tech at Cable One
Sioux City, Iowa Area Telecommunications
Zero connections on Linkedin 

Samantha's Linkedin"
owner at --Self employed
Orlando, Florida Area | Environmental Services
Current: owner at --Self employed
Zero Connections

On Twitter, Samantha follows:
Three of her sisters, Olivia (followed Zimmerman trial and follows Mark O'Mara on Twitter), M***, and A**
One of those sisters, O***, tweeted the following:

Known Cities: Casselberry, FL; Sanford, FL; Altamonte Springs, FL ...
Mother:Hope Suzanne Mason (She's allowed pictures of she and her mother to be made public, with her mother's name on various publications so I am assuming this is ok)
Samantha Scheibe and Hope Mason, her mother
The above is Samantha and her mother who tried to persuade national media to buy their story "living with George Zimmerman".  They were, according to this news story, asking too much money - no one wanted to pay.  SOL I always say.

What bothers me more than even the railroading of George again and again is the fact that this is a situation where a mother, Samantha Scheibe, and a grandmother, Hope Mason, allowed a man they felt was a danger...obsessed with guns and depressed, overdosing on pills, to live in the same house as Samantha's little girl.  This makes them both despicable human beings and Samantha should have her child removed from her home --- IF the allegations are true, but I happen to know they are not.