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Samantha Scheibe tells dispatcher Zimmerman's gun was NOT loaded (911 Call Transcript)

Samantha Scheibe and George Zimmerman's Calls to 911:

A great point is made by the poster of this video about Samantha Scheibe telling the dispatcher that George had already unloaded his guns prior to the call...

 Transcription of 911 call made by Samantha Scheibe
Samantha: Are you serious?
Female Dispatcher: 911, do you need police, fire, or medical?
Samantha: I need police right now
Female Dispatcher: What's your address?
Samantha: (shouting at George) You're the one breaking shit in my house!
Female Dispatcher: M'am, what's going on?
 Samantha:  He's in my house breaking all my stuff because I asked him to leave.
 Samantha: He has his frigging gun breaking all of my stuff right now.
Female Dispatcher:  Ok, ok
Samantha: (George is heard in the background "why are you doing this again?")
 Samantha: Why am I doing this again? You just broke my glass table and my sunglasses and you put your gun in my friggin' face"

***as pokerface states in the video, is this a reminder for her listening audience because she know this will be heard nationwide?***I want to add..if someone has a gun in your face, would that not be the first thing you say to the 911 dispatcher?  Instead the first thing she says, and then repeats twice before telling the dispatcher about the gun, is he is breaking her sh**/stuff***

Samantha: You tell me to get the fu**k out?  No, this is not your house, now get the fu**k out of here.
Female Dispatcher: Where's his weapon at?
Samantha:  He just put it down.

***So we are to believe that George is asking her why she is doing this again and pointing a gun at her KNOWING she is on the phone with 911. K.***

Samantha: No, get out of my house, do not push me out of my house...
(George is heard saying "Sammi, calm down")
Samantha: Please get out of my house.
 Female Dispatcher: Ok, you're outside now?
Samantha: Yes...he locked me out of my house.
Female Dispatcher: Ok, they're on their there someplace safe you can step away from...
Samantha: He has everything of mine inside.
Female Dispatcher: Ok  I want you to step away from the door, ok? Samantha: I don't want you anywhere near him.
Female Dispatcher: I know you're frustrated (inaudible)
Samantha: Because he knows how to do this, he knows how to play this game...
Female Dispatcher: I need you to calm down
Samantha: I'm next door...
Female Dispatcher: Ok, you're next door?
Female Dispatcher: If I was facing the house are you to the left or to the right?
Samantha: To the right, they'll see his truck in my driveway It's a duplex
Female Dispatcher: What happened today?  What made you guys start fighting?
Samantha: I asked him to leave.
Female Dispatcher: Ok, has he been drinking or anything?
Samantha: (inaudible) ...walked out front
Female Dispatcher: What's he wearing?
Samantha: Dark jeans and a grey t-shirt.  He has a...the gun that he just smashed all my stuff with was the kel-tec shotgun, shotgun.
He's in my house but he has all of his guns inside...he had just unloaded his shotgun and his AR-15 but he took it out of the case to smash my table and smash my sunglasses and smash whatever the hell else he is smashing in there right now while I'm outside.
Female Dispatcher: Ok, so he has a shotgun and an AR-15?
Samantha: Yeah, and two handguns.
Samantha: I have my house key.
Female Dispatcher: Ok, I want you to stay away from the house right now until they get there...we need to diffuse the situation, are you injured?
Samantha: No (sounds disappointed)
Female Dispatcher: Did he put his hands on you or anything?
Samantha: He pushed me, that was all, my battery's at 10% so I know it's going to die here in a minute...

He just pushed me out the door, that's all he did.
He pushed her out the door, that's it?  George Zimmerman was charged with 'felony aggravated battery'.  

Female Dispatcher: And you just asked him to leave and that's what made him upset?  How long has he been staying there with you?
Samantha: A while, we've been together since August.
Female Dispatcher: Is anybody else in the house?
Samantha: Nope.
Female Dispatcher: And his truck is parked outside?
Samantha: mm hmm right next to my car.
 (Describes her car and his truck)
Female Dispatcher:  And he went back inside the house?
Samantha:Yeah, the doors are locked and he's inside.
Female Dispatcher:  And you're still at your neighbor's house?
Samantha: Well I'm standing outside, I didn't get the neighbors involved.
Female Dispatcher: No, (inaudible)
Samantha: Yes, I'm standing outside of her house, it's a duplex.
Female Dispatcher: Ok, stay with me just a moment, we've got officers on the way.
Female Dispatcher: Have you guys been fighting for a little while...or?
Samantha: No, not really..
Female Dispatcher: It's ok, I'm just trying to find out (inaudible)
Samantha: No I know, I just know this will probably make public and I would rather not...
Female Dispatcher: I'm sorry.
Samantha: No, don't be sorry, hmmm.
Female Dispatcher: Are you sure you're not injured...he just pushed you out?
Samantha: I'm positive...the cops are pulling up right now.
Female Dispatcher: Ok go ahead and talk to the officers..
Samantha: He hasn't stopped yet...
Female Dispatcher: Let me know when he sees you..
Samantha: All right, he sees me, but I'm not walking over there yet

***Suddenly she's afraid..she wasn't afraid when he allegedly pulled a gun on her and she's screaming at him while on the phone with 911...makes***

Female Dispatcher:  Ok, just wait..
Samantha: I don't think he would do anything but I don't think he's got nothin' to lose at this point.
Female Dispatcher: Ok, just to let you know they are probably going to talk to him first...just to diffuse it as best as we can..
Samantha: Ok
Female Dispatcher: Ok, thank you
Samantha: Thank you.
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Just a note:
"When we arrived, the victim indicated that she and George Zimmerman were having a verbal dispute and at that time she alleged that he had broken a table and pointed a long-barrel shotgun at her," Seminole County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Dennis Lemma said at a news conference.
However, in her 911 call, she told the dispatcher George had a Kel-tec shotgun:
The barrel of a "long barrel shotgun is 10" longer than the Kel-Tec shotgun

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