Saturday, November 23, 2013

Is George Zimmerman a Monster?

George Zimmerman during his trial 2013
George Michael Zimmerman before 2012 Assault
Today an excellent documentary short (below), by @DrControversy, was put up on youtube. This video traces George Zimmerman's journey since the night he was assaulted by Trayvon Benjamin Martin and shot the 17 year old in self-defense, killing him almost instantly.

George's life was pretty typical of a 28 year old man, married, finishing up college, working full time.  All of that changed February 26, 2012 when a young man decided to sucker punch George  for reasons that are not clear and will likely never be clear.  The fact is, he punched George in the face and then crawled on top of him and continued to assault him until he realized George had a gun and went for it.  Realizing it was himself or Trayvon Martin at that point, George retrieved his gun and shot Martin once in the heart.

Excellent Short Documentary by @DrControversy

George was detained for questioning, but not arrested because there was no probable cause to arrest him that night.  Witnesses gave the same account of events as George - one eyewitness to Trayvon on top of George for at least 45 seconds.  911 calls also backed up the eyewitness and  George's account.  George Zimmerman should never have been arrested, but pressure from Civil Right's attorneys and political activists sealed his fate after they procured an arrest and charges by the State Prosecutor, Angela Corey.  Corey knew she didn't have a case, but she succombed to pressure and threw the ball to a jury -- knowing they would never convict based on the evidence.
George Zimmerman April 2012
George has had a horrific year.  Save for the night he killed an ill-raised, violent teen in self-defense, there would have been nothing at all out of the ordinary about his life before or after that night.  But because George is a light skinned Hispanic/White who killed an African American, nothing he's done since is seen as anything but nefarious.  Even his ordinary past is morphed into perpetual acts of evil because he's not done yet - he still needs to be punished - some hope he will kill himself.  All because he defended himself against a teen who started this crazy ball rolling by punching George in the face.  

His wife leaves him after he is acquitted in a court of law.  Not only does she leave him, she files for divorce and asks for his dogs, both of them.  She then goes on television to trash him (certainly the reporter paid her for this interview), and then calls police to report he is threatening to kill she and her father when in fact, it was Shellie Zimmerman assaulting George - according to Samantha Michelle (Mason) Scheibe. In his vulnerable state he hooks up with Samantha, who just happens to show back up in his life, and they become more than friends.  I say "happened" to hook back up - it turns out she had a motive for doing so - Scheibe almost immediately started trying to sell her story about George to the National media outlets.  

To keep George she told him she was pregnant sometime in October.  George, who has always wanted children must have been ecstatic, as she no doubt witnessed.  Using his happiness at having a child against him to cause an argument, Samantha announces to George she wants to raise the child alone (four days after being turned down by her last hope of being paid by media), and tells him to get out.  There was no violence prior to her call to 911 - she says he pushed her out the door while she was on the phone with fact, if you listen to the call you can hear her say it.  Now, suddenly, there is proof to the world that George is, indeed, a monster.  Facts be damned, this is the world's second chance to skewer this poor man.  I find him guilty of trying to live a normal life while surely suffering from PTSD.  

Now comes Shellie Zimmerman to get her digs in again on the Katie Couric show.  Why?  What was she trying to accomplish with that interview?  I saw nothing new - same bitch, new day.  Harsh? No, harsh is continuing to kick a man when he is about as far down as a person can get for absolutely no reason save for monetary gain.  Ironically, George is dead ass broke and irrevocably broken.  This thrills many who call themselves Christians.

How awful, how utterly horrifying to think we live in a world where a man's life is considered collateral damage for a political cause, or worse, political correctness.  
Corrine Brown, Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin, Benjamin Crump at a "Stars for Trayvon" Fundraiser - to raise legal funds for family
In the case of Martin, Crump took on the case, pro bono (see picture above), because the situation hit home. He is raising a teenage boys (of his cousin’s) with his wife, Genae Angelique Crump, and the oldest was the same age as Trayvon when the teen was killed by George Zimmerman in 2012. [News One - Roland Martin, who was freshly fired from CNN when this case broke now has his own show]
For all their efforts - the civil rights attorneys and the politicians, won conviction, no abandonment of Stand Your Ground laws (in any state) change in gun control laws and while the inhumane Martin family attorneys won fame off the case, but they hardly walked away with fortune.  Sybrina Fulton, the mother of the violent 17 year old who she kicked out of her house several times - once being when Trayvon traveled to Sanford - is raking in the dough by continuing to lie and demonize George Zimmerman.

I pray for this man every day. He is not perfect, nor is anyone reading this, but we all deserve a life.  This is not to say that Trayvon Martin didn't deserve a life, he did, but he chose a life of violence and life of violence has its consequences.  

Sunny Hostin
There are too many people to name responsible for the demise of George Zimmerman's life as he knew it.  People who made millions off the lies and agendas, including the media - especially the media.  There is a special place in hell set aside where only those with a special media pass will be allowed in.  Too many need little to no evidence of a crime to convict and lynch an individual in the public fora - this is only reinforced by the public and media's reaction to latest debacle in George Zimmerman's life.  Sunny Hostin, in my opinion, has been, by far, the worst offender.  She's abandoned any professional ethics she may have had to vilify George Zimmerman every chance she gets.

If you are so inclined, please pray for George - even if you hate him, pray for him because if you are sincere about being a Christian, it's what you do.
Sybrina Fulton still calls George a murderer and a racist
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