Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rejected, he kills entire family

Cami Umbarger w/children
David Cornell Bennett Jr., 22, of Cherryvale, KS, was taken into custody just before 10 p.m. Tuesday in Independence, KS.
The Kansas Attorney General's Office provided no details of his arrest. No charges have been filed yet.
Cami Umbarger, 29, and her children were found inside the residence on 25th Street between Clark and Stevens avenues. The children were identified as 9-year-old-Hollie Betts, 6-year-old Jaxon Betts and 4-year-old Averie Betts. 

David Bennett 22, murdered Cami Umbarger (right) and her three children
 A family member told The Wichita Eagle that Umbarger and Bennett went out a couple months ago.

Afterward, the sister said, Bennett started "acting pretty scary toward my sister."
"She'd been trying to stay away from him and he just kept coming back and going back," Beth Umbarger told The Eagle.
"She was just hoping that he would leave her alone," she said.
Police haven't said how the four died