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Shelly Zimmerman's "Narcissist in Me" tour - First Stop, Katie Couric

Shelly Zimmerman, for whatever on a "poor me" tour. Katie Couric is her first stop.  What I find very unsettling about this interview is how much the incident which happened only two days prior to the recording of this show, is incorporated into their dialogue.  Couric refers to the domestic violence incident between Samantha Schiebe and George Zimmerman many times to prove a point about his run-in's with the law and his (alleged), propensity for violence.  
Video: Katie Couric, The Big Conversation with Shellie Zimmerman - courtesy @coreshift

Katie never once asks Shellie how she feels about George dating this woman so soon after she and George split up...the pregnancy allegation or porn-on-the-cell-phone allegations.  In fact, Samantha is mentioned one time that I recall, by name.  

Highlights from the Katie Couric Interview of Shellie Zimmerman on 11/21/2013
KC: Did you have your doubts back then? (during "explosive trial")
SZ: "I don't know that I let myself go too deep into thought...I was drinking the Koolaid, I guess you could say."  She continues, "now I have doubts, back then, I just couldn't go there".

"He had never assaulted me before like during our domestic dispute".

Note:  Samantha Scheibe, Zimmerman's ex-girlfriend was with George the day Shellie called 911 to report a domestic dispute, she told police and, more recently, reporters, that she saw Shellie Zimmerman hit George several times over the head with her iPad, at which point George took it away from her and broke it.  He never "became" violent, he simply "reacted" to Shellie's violence.

She further states that he did unravel after the trial.

KC: Why weren't charges filed during the incident between the two of you?
SZ: "Charges were not filed, um, (slow blink), for a couple of reasons, and looking back......
 I probably should have sacrificed myself in order for him to go to jail and be charged."

Shellie continues:  "I'm on probation and the police made it clear that if I filed charges we were all going to go to jail and that I would have to stay there for quite a while".

Love the timing here...
KC: What are you on probation for?
Shellie Zimmerman doing I'm-about-to-lie Slow Blink
SZ: Perjury
KC: I know that in all of these reports of domestic violence, George Zimmerman seems to turn it around and blame the woman.
SZ:  "Yes"

Not so fast...let's replay an excerpt from Zimmerman's bond hearing in 2012.  When asked by Bernie de la Rionda if she was aware of the restraining order taken out by George Zimmerman's ex-girlfriend, Veronica Zuazo Shellie says:
"I'm aware that he had to protect himself from being attacked by her, and that there was blood drawn from him being attacked by her.  He also filed an injunction against her....absolutely he is not a violent person."
KC:  ...for what has happened..what's your reaction to that?  "As his wife", Couric says, "I would want to know.. 'what happened, what did YOU do'?  (Geeze, makes you wonder if she blamed her husband for his colon cancer)

Shellie Zimmerman says several times they didn't discuss the attack and shooting, that it was painful for both of them...finally Couric moved on:

KC: I know that during the course of the trial racial profiling came up (actually it never came up - Shellie does not correct her)...
..."Do you believe that George Zimmerman is a racist? (not too subtle subliminal message here by Katie of her own obvious views)
SZ:  "No, not at all"
KC: Why?
SZ:  Because George had such a good heart, I mean because he, we, both mentored to African American children, the majority of his friends are African American.  I can just not go to a place in my heart where I would ever think that he's racist.

KC: Do you believe that George murdered Trayvon Martin.
SZ:  "No, I don't believe that he maliciously went out to murder someone that night."

Trayvon Martin 14tth Birthday 02/2009
Trayvon Martin...not too happy - Myspace photo 2009
At this point the picture of little Trayvon pops up on the screen - the picture that was taken at his 14th birthday party, three years before his assault on George Zimmerman.  Of course the picture seen countless times around the world was a much sweeter Trayvon...or should I say, sweeter looking Trayvon than those above.  I'm so sick of looking at it I think I'll pass on posting it here now.  Instead I'll do what very few MSM outlets have a photo of what Trayvon Martin looked like the day he assaulted George Zimmerman on a rainy night in February, 2012:
George Zimmerman's assailant, Trayvon Benjamin Martin, 17
Trayvon Martin talking about his mother sending him to Sanford to be with his dad because of his fighting.

Katie asks Shellie if GZ's actions since the trial have cast further doubt for her as regards George.
SZ: "Further doubt? Yes. 

Katie continues to badger until finally Shellie admits she has A LOT of doubt...but she wasn't there so she can't say what happened and the jury was more qualified to Judge.  Shellie talks a little about the fight they had had the night before the incident, she said they went out for the night and she was feeling ill - instead of attending to her needs, she said he publicly humiliated her.

Wow - the irony.

KC:  I know you married him bak in 2007, was there a time when you were ever happy?
SZ:  Yes, I thought he was a great person, but something snapped in the past two months.

The next part of the interview really is about as rich as it gets.  When asked what message she wanted to give to Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin...

Hold on....first, let's take a quick trip down memory lane and refresh our memories for what Shellie is about to say, and this is just a fraction of what was out there:

My favorite part of this one "Academic Scholar"
New Black Panthers in front of George's house offering a reward
Shellie's message to the Martin family:

"I'm so sorry for their loss and what I am going through and what I have gone through is nothing compared to what they
experience every the loss that they've experienced every day of their lives and they've inspired me to take a terrible situation like this and try to at least make something positive come out of it"

Obviously the husband she stopped supporting is the one who went through unmitigated hell because of the ones she is now volunteering to support.  In fact, her former father-in-law, Robert Zimmerman Sr.,  was constantly humiliated and harassed by one of the Martin family attorneys, Natalie Jackson, and her followers ... just one example:

KC:  Do you regret at all standing by George Zimmerman?
SZ: "Part of me does and part of me doesn't"

Shellie then tells how she wishes George had just let her go the night she left him (night before George was assaulted by Martin).  She tells how she was sick (and no doubt drama), and he wasn't she left. LOL, sorry - but she wishes he would never have asked her back because he didn't hold her hair while she vomited?  Rich in character, this broad.

She goes on to say she wishes she hadn't played the 'supportive wife' role because her life would be very different now.  

KC:  Some say George Zimmerman is a ticking time bomb -- what do you think is going to happen to him (George)...

SZ:   "I don't know, I certainly hope there will be no violence..."

Again...according to Samantha Scheibe, Shellie is the one who struck George on the head several times with her iPad. George, in return, took her weapon away from her and destroyed it. He never laid a hand on Shellie.
Scheibe says she watched as Shellie hit George over the head repeatedly with her iPad. That's when she said George took the iPad away from her, broke it over his knee and threw it to the ground.
Scheibe claims George did have a gun on him that day, and it wasn't in the trunk of his car.
Scheibe refused to give police a statement that day, as reflected in the police report obtained by Local 6.
Just a note about the above excerpt from Local6 - if Samantha was with George to help him, why in the world would she not tell Police that Shellie was hitting George over the head with her iPad? Better yet, what kind of sorry researchers does Katie have that they didn't find this for her to quiz Shellie about.  I know what you're thinking, but a girl can still dream.

At 14:00 on the Katie Couric video, Shellie's expression completely changes from one of faux concern for George (and a little boredom with the questions), to one of absolute radiance when Katie asks: "Where do you, Shellie Zimmerman, go from here"?  Priceless snapshot of a true narcissist.

SZ:  "...when you're married to a person who is manipulative and emotionally abusive, you start to lose yourself and your identity...leaving him was the best thing that I've ever done."

Oh yes she did ... need I post reminders of who is manipulative here?  I view it as manipulative and mean spirited that Shellie had divorce papers delivered to George TWO months after she filed to his jail cell on the night Samantha had him arrested.  I agree that the best thing she could have done was leave because it sounds like she blames him for shooting a violent thug in self defense, subsequently invoking that pesky "for better or for worse" part of her wedding vows.  She who got mad and wanted to leave (apparently) for good because he wouldn't pay attention to her when she was throwing up - and yet wishes she'd never played the role of the supportive wife. By virtue of their affliction, most narcissists don't see their own double standard.

Breaking vows that she's sworn to uphold, and lying after swearing under oath not to, mean very little to Shellie Zimmerman...her credibility is in the toilet and she just keeps on keeping on.

Shellie seemed to be convincingly lovey dovey on the jail tapes when she was talking about all that money the website brought in ... she didn't at all seem like a wife wanting to leave her husband. Manipulative and emotionally abusive......just saying.
In a call on April 12 Zimmerman tells his wife how happy he is about all of the money pouring in from website.
"Oh, man, that feels good… that there are people in America that care," George Zimmerman tells Shellie. "Yeah they do," she responds.
Shellie Zimmerman then tells George how so many people had gone to the website that it crashed several times.
“It makes me feel happy and to lay here and um be okay,” George Zimmerman tells his wife during that phone conversation.
“I’m so happy to know that you’re gonna be okay,” Shellie Zimmerman says. “After this… you’re gonna be able to just, have a great life.”
“We will,” Zimmerman said.
George needs a new picker, that's fo sho.

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