Monday, November 25, 2013

Black Life is not Valued in America

Couple of things: 1)Why is the white guy's face blurred? 2) Watch the girl with the cell phone taking pictures as the injured woman is convulsing and bleeding on the ground (8:14).

Taking video while girl is convulsing after being knocked out
What were those headlines again?
Black woman shot in head seeking help in white neighborhood"McBride was shot in the head and killed when, according to her family, she was seeking help, knocking on doors in a white neighborhood..." 
"Black life is not valued in America, not worthy, not respected," said Detroit activist Yusef Shaker, who is helping lead the rally. "Here was a woman who was seeking help from potential danger and her life was taken. ... It's a Trayvon Martin case all over again."

Dream Hampton - local Detroit activist 
 dream hampton: "The grassroots movement receives reports every 36 hours about more than 100 extra judicial killings of Black people since Trayvon Martin was killed. I don’t like to evoke Travyon in this situation. This case reminds me more of Jonathan Ferrell, an unarmed man who was shot 10 times by a police officer.

White supremacy teaches us that White men are at the top of the spectrum and Black folks are at the bottom. Evidence of this comes into play when we see images of White men as God. White supremacy thinking teaches us that the lives of people of color are not of value. People of color include Asian, Latino, Mexican, Pacific Islander and Native American. White supremacy is something that we can internalize ourselves, so that if a Black person comes to our door, we are more fearful of him than a White person.

White supremacy conditions us to believe that black bodies are dangerous; it’s played out in the media and the news every day."
(Bold emphasis mine)

Whose fault is that?  Seriously....I could post videos like the above for days and never get to the end of black people portraying themselves in anything but a good light.  Are white people somehow responsible for this?  Or is it meaningless because, as a friend said to me today, blacks don't expect much out of their own race...they do, however, expect more out of white much more, in fact that it becomes front page news if we act the same ridiculous way.

If the group of people in the video knocking the poor girl down and then laughing at her while she goes into convulsions had been white, and the girl black, this video would have taken over all the national broadcasts and cable news shows. The bloggers would have something to write about for the next 50 years and Al Sharpton would die a happy, happy man to finally have a story he didn't have to embellish or outright make up.

Why do blacks keep punching after a guy is down?  Most white street fighters don't do that. Sucker punching, also a black thing. Reminds me Trayvon sucker punching Zimmerman and John Good telling Trayvon and George Zimmerman to stop but Trayvon wouldn't get off him.  Zero impulse control it seems.

Why are blacks not held to the same standard of accountability and humanity as whites?

This guy says the gang fight in front of his store in Detroit is "just a small set-back" -- he says it doesn't happen that often.
Unless you count:
This Is Detroit And We Will Come Squat In Your House If You're Not Home: (Andrea Isom makes it sound cool)
They Are Stealing Houses  "We will come in and squat in your house if you ain't home"
Great for Business Check Cashing Establishment - another "small set-back"
At the gas station: He just wants his phone back.

The girl in red is pregnant... are these people employable?  Where are the cops?  There are never cops so none of it is reported except on World Star Hip-Hop.  

"White supremacy thinking teaches us that the lives of people of color are not of value." - Dream Hampton