Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunny Hostin believes we exaggerate the Knock-out Game

Sunny Hostin believes media is making too much of the knock-out game...she's actually become a bit obsessed trying to back-up her position.  She resorts to calling it a phony panic.  I wonder if she would say that to Colton Gleason's mother.  I'll grant you they are not all "knock-out" game hits, per se, but all are equally as animalistic and senseless and should be looked at by media.  This is the short list.

Published on Nov 13, 2013 Three New Jersey teens are currently locked up on murder charges after they allegedly punched a man to death during a game of "Knockout, according to the New York Daily News.
Ralph Erick Santiago - brutally murdered by 3 black teens
The three teens, all from Jersey City, followed the homeless Hoboken man, Ralph Erick Santiago, 46, down a street back in September. One of the boys punched Santiago, causing him to fall back from the blow and collapse onto an iron fence, where he died after his neck was wedged between two posts, police said.
After the cops released video of the teens near the scene of the crime (screenshot above), they eventually turned themselves in. They are being held at the Hudson County Youth Detention Center without bail. Ironically, Santiago was disabled some 20 years ago in the Bronx after a similar attack, according to
Matt Quain, 52, was left lying unconscious in the stree
ST. LOUIS (KTVI-FOX2) - Seven young people charged in attacking a local man while playing the "knockout game" no longer face charges all because a key witness in the case failed to show up to court.

Killed by knockout game Colton Gleason - star athlete, worked for his family's business - murdered for fun. Murderer gets 10 years. Defense attorneys kept Colton's body for months, not telling the parents what was happening.  This barely made the news.
 A 70-year-old man was seriously injured early Saturday morning after being attacked outside of a 7-Eleven in Syracuse.

7 Black Teens Brutally Attack a 13 yr old White Kid - Hate Crime

8 blacks beat a pregnant woman...knowing she was pregnant (Sanford)

Blacks set white boy on fire

Woman Punched in the face and robbed 

Think you're safe shopping?  Black clerk punches elderly white shopper and goes back to checking people out

Soccer's not what it used to be 

Three attacks "just for fun" according to the black reporter. Imagine if the races were reversed. Oh, yeah, you would have heard about them. This reporter, Shawnette Wilson, also says the 1st woman attacked didn't have any bruises, just some swelling on her face ... wow. Well, all is forgiven then. A comment under this video: 

"Do you know how long this has been happening to Blacks? Centuries!!! White people were not systematically lynched, burned, murdered etc. You racists excuse Whites when they commit these same crimes. You talk about revenge. Some would say that these attacks are revenge - Ms Brown"

Delphino Mora 62, was knocked out and killed while he was recycling cans.  The kids ignorant family makes excuses for him.

Sybrina Fulton whose son, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed while violently attacking George Zimmerman - she calls George a murderer

The most disturbing thing about these videos is someone is taking them.  Even while a girl is in full blown convulsions, laying in a pool of blood, people stand around her taking video and pictures. This is not going away and needs to be addressed - black, white, whatever the race.