Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Frances Robles should be FIRED immediately – Witness #9

On July 16 Frances Robles wrote an article for the Bradenton Herald- the headline read: Witness accused Zimmerman of sexually molesting her
Nowhere in the article does she mention that when Witness #9 was 6, George Zimmerman, her cousin, was 7.
She needs to GO, just like the NBC liars.  In her case it wasn’t even an edit, it was willful and malicious since SHE wrote the article!
George Zimmerman at around 7 years old:
George Zimmerman

Witness accused Zimmerman of sexually molesting her
By Frances Robles —
“A woman told the Duval County State Attorney’s office that George Zimmerman sexually molested her beginning when she was 6 years old. “He was bigger, stronger and older,” she said, holding back tears.”
 That’s it, nothing to indicate George’s age when she was six.  Frances wants it to look as though a 28-year-old man molested a six-year-old child.  Why?  That’s how Frances rolls – she’s a hack and a liar and her nose is bleeding crap from being firmly and perpetually stuck up the rear-ends of Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump.

Frances Robles should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY for deliberately leaving out information in order portray George Zimmerman as pedophile to her readers.

Please sign this petition, another incident of Robles lack of ethics is given in the description: Miami Herald Newspaper Executives: Fire reporter Frances Robles for dangerous and irresponsible journalism. Additionally, she gives out the personal information of  twitter follower’s who disagree with her to all her followers.  Robles is unprofessional and alarmingly unethical, to say the least.

Please forward this article from the Bradenton Herald and demand Frances be fired IMMEDIATELY for the willful omission of George Zimmerman’s age at the time the accuser was six!

David Landsberg
President and Publisher  Miami Herald

We can thank the Sate of Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Corey for setting the ethical bar in this case, and we have De la Rionda to thank for lowering it even more.